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Which is better – Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency or setting up an in-house team?

With the Digital Marketing boom over the last decade, there’s a growing demand for expert services. It has become the need of the hour to have a strong digital marketing resource to thrive in the ever-

growing competition. However, if you’re unable to decide whether you should build your digital marketing team, or hire services of a professional agency, here are a few parameters to help you out:


1. Scale of Business


If you’re a multi-million-dollar company, you may go ahead and build a full-fledged team. However, if you’re a mid-size company looking for the same level of service, then the agency is the way to go. Reason? For a mid-size company, it is important to focus more on its core competencies and hand over its marketing to a known integrated digital marketing company. This not only helps you distribute resources more efficiently but also helps you acquire high-quality services.

Another important factor to consider is the territorial reach of your business. For instance, if your company serves business only in India, then probably you can look for setting up a small team. However, if you serve in multiple regions, you will require core expertise which you will find better in an established agency.


2. Cost-Effectiveness of Both


In the post-pandemic era, managing costs effectively is probably the most important task, especially for companies in impacted regions like India, Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, etc. Building a team currently may not be feasible for several companies, while hiring expert services still can be quite affordable. Yes, in the long run, having a team might be more beneficial and efficient, however, the difference might be too thin to be appealing. For instance, hiring a reputed digital marketing company in India will cost you much less than setting up a team, because the latter requires hiring personnel, new systems, training, and several administrative costs. Whereas for working with a digital agency you simply need to pay for the services.


3. Can You Go for a Blend?


Having a blend of an in-house team and hiring professional services can yield the best results for companies of all sizes. Therefore, you need to assess the possibilities of mixing work by hiring a couple of persons for managing and coordinating with the agency. This will help your employees gain significant experience, which in turn will help you build a sustainable and capable in-house team. This will enable you to hire people with minimum skillsets required, and then gradually train them by engaging them with the external agency so that they learn and develop their skills.


4. Accounting the Time Factor


Time plays an important role in digital marketing and marketing in general. If you need to market your product to a wide audience in as little time as possible, you will need professional services.

That’s because a prominent digital marketing company in India, Oman, Dubai, or Bahrain will have much more digital resources and personnel to take care of the tasks than your in-house team, as, unlike you, digital marketing is their core competency. So, if you have short-term goals, it is a no-brainer to choose a digital

marketing agency. However, for a product or service that you want to market gradually, you can do it with the right mix of both.

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