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5 Game-changing Google My Business Features for Your Business You Must Know!

Google My Business is a great place to get your business or trade listed, no matter how big or small your enterprise is. Not only do you get exposure to hundreds of thousands of new potential customers, but also grow your company as a brand. Here are five game-changing features of Google My Business:


1. Customer Reviews

You have excellent customer relations and they always go home satisfied. You can show this to the world, and soon, you will have the world praising you! In a country like India, where buyers like to check out customer reviews wherever possible, this feature becomes a game-changer in more ways than when. This adds credibility to your services, provides information to your customers, and also allows your customers to express their concerns. An integrated digital marketing company can analyze these comments, and help you make necessary adjustments, optimizing your offerings even better.


2. Bookings Appointments


All the businesses that hire a digital marketing company have one primary goal, and that’s to get client engagement. And this is where the appointment booking feature of Google My Business can do wonders for your company. Let’s take an example. If you’re a user looking for a restaurant or a resort for a holiday, there’s a good chance that you might choose the one which allows you to book your slot with as little fuss as possible. Having the option of booking an appointment while searching the web is quite lucrative, and can bring a lot of fruitful traffic.


3. Analytics & Insights

For every business that makes you move, analyzing it is as essential as is making the move itself. My Business has you covered in this regard comprehensively. You may belong to a tourism-focused company in the UAE, working in tandem with a digital marketing company in Dubai, looking for potential customers from India, and still, you can have every detail you need to make your business more appealing. Right from the number of searches for your brand and your competitors, to industry-specific queries like what the users are looking for. In this era, with data science at its helm, these details can create a big difference.


4. Photos & Posts

Photos & Posts are two distinct features of Google My Business, but we can count them as one in terms of purpose – showcase your business. For instance, if you own a vegan restaurant in Bahrain or Oman, and are looking for tourists from India, you can upload photos of your cuisines and ambiance where the users can directly see them in their Google search. This also leads to better customer engagement, as they have a visual idea of what to expect. Likewise, you can also write short posts of about 200-300 words describing your cuisines, or any event that you recently hosted.


5. Q&A

Especially in the post-pandemic era, customers will have a thousand questions in mind. If you can filter the most asked queries and answer them precisely, the Q&A; feature could prove to be a big boon for your business. This saves time in answering questions phone calls, email, and chatbots, and gives the user an easy experience. This is even more helpful if your target audience is in a foreign country like Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, etc.

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