Advance Digital Marketing Techniques for Indian Real Estate Companies -

Advance Digital Marketing Techniques for Indian Real Estate Companies

In the era of lockdowns, quarantines, and social (actually physical) distancing, digital marketing has emerged as the preferred mode of promotion & marketing. However, new challenges demand a new approach to tackle them. Especially, for an industry as traditional as real estate, companies need to adopt unique and innovative techniques to formulate an effective digital marketing program. Following are a few advance digital marketing techniques for the real estate industry in Mumbai and Pune:


Personalized Digital Modes of Communication


One of the key roles of digital marketing is to create communication and interaction between the brand and the audience. Interaction creates more leads, and therefore, maximizing efforts to strike conversations on digital platforms only makes sense, more so during the post COVID19 era. However, it is essential to have personalized communication with the potential client, as adding a personal touch gives your brand an extra, yet significant, edge over your competition. According to data by Experian, emails with personalized subject lines have 26% more chances of being opened.

In a time when most prefer to stay indoors, investors would want to clear as many of their queries as possible without stepping outside. Hence, we need to have multiple modes of interaction active at once to cover as many questions as possible. Chats on social media pages and websites is a great solution to this, though the bot or person replying to the queries need to be thoroughly informed. A bot, however, will give you 24×7 availability, and accuracy in answering.

Secondly, having an effective and interactive questionnaire will let you know exactly what the customer needs. An experienced real estate digital marketing agency in Mumbai and Pune that has extensive data from audience interaction can help to push the interactive sessions to a great deal, yielding better ROI. As per a global survey by Marketo, 79% of the digital audience interacts with brand promotions that are tailored to experience.

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Integration of Modern Technologies with Campaigns

Digital Marketing in the times of lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing needs to be quite innovative. Therefore, it is quite apt to integrate innovative modern technologies in the digital marketing campaigns, more so for industries like real estate. Artificial Intelligence is the biggest on the list, and for multiple reasons. Firstly, it helps you to recognize and understand the needs of your target audience at preliminary interaction. This helps a brand to present and package its offerings in a more appealing manner.

Big Data Analytics is another important modern technology that can do wonders while formulating digital marketing strategies for real estate companies in Mumbai and Pune. Analyzing extensive data will help you decide the demographics of the target audience, and understand their preferences, requirements, budget constraints, and a perfect time for advertising. Therefore, you can design a campaign with great effectiveness and ROI.

Similarly, employing novel technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Chatbots, 3D Animation, Augmented Reality, etc. will help you reduce costs significantly, manage time effectively, and target the audience with precision. All of these not only help you identify and reach the desired audience, but also minimizes errors, enhances volume and quality of content circulation, and makes it more appealing.


Installing Holistic Influencer Management Systems

Influencer management is an important aspect and will play a big role in establishing trust between the audience and the brand. With the rise of social media, user-generated content is breaking the internet. The first-hand experiences of social media influencers have become an important part of deciding on big and small purchases. This personal experience of the influencers will become even more important in the post-pandemic era.

Conducting live interactions with the influencers on the property, giving them virtual and physical tours, informing them about the features and USPs of the property will help a great deal for strengthening the brand name. Every social media marketing company for real estate in Mumbai and Pune will have connections with local as well as national influencers. Choosing the correct influencer, the mode of digital promotion, and the content material is the key.

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However, the most important aspect of influencer promotion is to do it as organically as possible. Even if you invite an influencer to visit the property and promote it through their media, it must be unbiased. This will go a long way in instilling confidence in the audience and pushing the brand image. Moreover, collaborations with real estate bloggers and experts are also important. They can provide informative content about the property and the locality is a fun and attractive manner.


Visually Artistic Content Circulation


According to data published by the MOTO CMS, visual content, like images and videos, can be processed 60,000 times faster than text, and it is even easier to remember. However, with growing social media usage, and internet consumption in general, it is important to create visually artistic and innovative content to catch the viewer’s attention.

3D animation-based images and videos can be particularly beneficial, as they will allow the viewers to get a sufficient glance of the property they’re interested in rather than reading the details. Coupling 3D animation with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can yield some fantastic results. Digital marketing services for the real estate industry in Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur include creating visually appealing content that ensures target audience engagement.

Another important type of artistic visual content is short and crisp videos. These videos can either be animated, giving visual tours of the property and describing the features, or be user or influencer generated content that the audience can connect to immediately. Moreover, with reducing attention spans, new-age content types like memes can make your brand go viral before you can think. Likewise, other short content types hold much weight in digital marketing, like GIFs, social media reels, 1>minute videos, infographics, and more.

All of these, and much more is what your digital marketing campaign needs. However, all you need is an established and highly experienced digital marketing agency like AdEngage in Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur, or any other major city. 

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