How to Increase Facebook Engagement – 4 Essential Tips -

How to Increase Facebook Engagement – 4 Essential Tips

Facebook is probably the biggest market for digital marketers and engagement in the name of the game – the more you have it, the better your chance for a good ‘Return on Investment’ from the platform. However, striking engagements is not as simple as it looks. To help you design Facebook marketing strategies that yield maximum engagement, here are 4 essential tips:


1. Emphasize on Videos as much as Photos


One of the biggest shortcomings of new marketers on Facebook is that they focus more on posting photos than videos. According to a survey by DataBox, only 52% of marketers on Facebook emphasize

more videos rather than photos. However, 60% of them say that videos have a better reach and engagement than photos. In the same survey, DataBox mentions that many marketers found that

videos helped them with 20%-30% more conversions. If you find it difficult in creating videos, hire a digital marketing company that has experience with it, like us; Microcode Software. Digital marketing company like ours have extensive experience in creating videos that generate both engagement and conversions.


2. Add a Personal Touch to Your Posts


According to Facebook’s data, 1+ Billion posts are shared on the platform daily, by over 200 million businesses. Plus about 2 billion active users are signing in each month. Amid such heavy

traffic and competition, how do you stand out? By connecting with your audience on a personal level. The famous American author Dale Carnegie famously wrote, “talk to someone about themselves, and they’ll listen for hours.” And there’s nothing to doubt it. Mix up your posts with questions, polls, and suggestion invites. Apart from this, you must also conduct open discussions, live video sessions, and other such engaging events.


3. Analyze Your Current Engagement


Analyzing your current practices leads you to realize your mistakes, your strengths, and then plan accordingly. The same goes for social media marketing as well. However, you would need the assistance of a digital marketing company like Microcode Software, as we have sophisticated tools and experience needed to understand and accurately measure Facebook stats. One of the important factors for analytics must be time. Determine the time when you get the most views, and then plan accordingly. For instance, a survey by Buddy Media shows that brands that post outside of business hours – early morning, 5 pm, & 11 pm – got 20% higher engagement.


4. Monitor Competitor Tactics & Current Trends


To make sure that you’re on the right track check on what your competitors are doing. While you don’t have to spy on them, keeping a vigil on the industry movements is extremely crucial for having a competitive edge. If your business is spread across the country, we can help you track your competitors and give you vital inputs to perform better. Likewise, it is also important to keep a track of the current trends (e.g.: JCB, Bernie Memes, etc.). Creating posts keeping these trends in mind will help you catch up with the internet beings more often.


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