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4 Highly Effective Ways To Maximize Your YouTube Conversions

The YouTube universe is BIG and is getting BIGGER by the day. It is, in fact, as important a marketing tool for businesses as are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Having a thoughtfully designed marketing strategy for YouTube is what you need, and the most important aspect of it is to create ways to generate better YouTube conversions. Moreover, there are multiple facets to YouTube marketing, each of which requires independent attention. To help you design a conversion rich marketing strategy, here are a few highly effective steps you can start working on from today itself:


1. Optimize Your YouTube Channel


A channel is much more than a bunch of videos, and that’s where most people falter. Before you have a barrage of viewers visiting your channel, you first need to ensure that it looks good, and has all the information that a viewer may want. For optimizing your channel, you need to follow these steps religiously:

a) Create an Attractive Channel Art

b) Build the ABOUT Page

c) Categorize Playlists

d) Conduct Discussions on the Community Page

e) Post more than only Video Content


2. Optimize Your YouTube Videos



Making your video interesting and trending must be the primary focus of your campaign. And how do you do that? Get the basics right – adding highly searched, relevant, and essential keywords in the title and description, creating an attractive title and thumbnail, posting at an analytically determined time, and making the content as interesting as possible will give you the needed edge in YouTube Marketing. Research for topics that are hot at the moment. For instance, if you’re a tourism organization targeting the Gulf, every expert digital marketing company in Dubai, Doha, or Riyadh will suggest you make videos about how safe it is to travel to these cities. Take these steps to ensure your video is highly optimized:


a) Keep the Videos Short, Crisp, Precise

b) Make Them Entertaining, Not Overly Though

c) Make Your Videos Interactive

d) Utilize the “i” Button Smartly

e) Ask the Users to Like/Subscribe/Share/Comment


3. Master the Keywords Game

One of the most important factors that drive traffic on your channel is keywords. You can have keywords placed in three places in your videos: titles, descriptions, and tags. According to our marketing experts, though the allowed title length is about 100 characters it is best to keep it under 60. Team AdEngage further adds that YouTubers can add up to three keywords in the title, however, they shouldn’t look out of place.

Then there are tags. Various research by Team AdEngage suggested that YouTube tags help improve the performance of the channel, however, one needs to keep than below 200 characters. The study suggested the tags benefit the most when limited to 15 keywords, or about 100-150 characters.


4. Optimize YouTube Promotions & Ads


YouTube witnesses over 4 billion video views every day. This is why every Brand, YouTuber, and digital marketing company emphasizes YouTube promotions. In fact, according to influential web marketer Neil Patel, over 75% of all content consumed on the web is video content. Having the biggest share in the market makes YouTube a much-needed Digital platform for both Brand Building and Revenue Generation.

To have a successful YouTube Ad campaign, you need to be aware of two important analytical parameters for better performance: View Rate and Click-Through Rate (CTR). View Rate is the ratio of

people who watched your video in relation to the number of people it was served to. CTR refers to the ratio of the number of clicks your ad receives with respect to the number of times it was viewed. The higher your View Rate, the better will be your CTR.


Hiring an award-winning integrated digital marketing company like AdEngage is a one-stop solution for all your requirements as mentioned above. We have extensive experience in running successful YouTube marketing campaigns, following four fundamental principles: research, web testing, optimization, and user experience. Being a top digital marketing company in MumbaiAdEngage has a robust digital mechanism that’s served some of the biggest names in India.



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