Website SEO Company

Website SEO Company

What is a website SEO company?

A website SEO company is a company hired to increase visitors to your website.

An increase in visitors to your website can be quite appealing for most business owners.

As a high position on the web is directly correlated to increased revenue for your website. This company uses SEO as it’s tactic to grow your website. SEO is search engine optimization.

This is the process of optimizing your web pages in order for them to rank higher in the search engine.

SEO companies use a few methods in order to increase your website’s visibility in the search engine.

Website SEO Focus Points

Website SEO Company

The 2 main things an SEO does is build links to your webpages and build incredibly optimized content for your web pages. The reason they build content is to be as relevant as possible to the searchers.

A person looking for big red socks on google will want to find a web page that is all about big red socks.

A search engine like google uses 200 factors to determine if a web page is relevant to what the searcher is looking for.

A strong website SEO company knows most of these rules and builds content to the search engine and also the end user so that the web page appears above the others.

Another ranking factor when it comes to getting a website high on the results is the back-link profile of the website and web page.

A back-link profile is simply the number of links on other websites that are pointing to your website.

A large amount of links leading to your webpages is a signal that your web page contains high-value information.

This signals to the search engine that a lot of people like your content.

This signal helps your website and web pages appear higher on the search results and easy for people to find you.

A good SEO company can push your website all the way to the top of the results.

If your website has the best relevant content and also the strongest link profile, your website will appear at the top of the results.

How much do website SEO companies cost?

Website SEO Company

Your website’s goals will determine the monthly price that your SEO company charges you.

An example of this would be project size. If you have a huge e-commerce website with a few thousand different products that you would like to appear at the top of the search engine, it will cost much more than a website that wants to appear for 1 search term.

A website with a few thousand products will need to appear for a few thousand different keywords, meaning the website SEO company will have to build content around each and every keyword that you want to rank for.

E-commerce websites that have many of the same products will enjoy lower prices than a company that has many different items.

An e-commerce website that has 50 different red socks could use an easier SEO service to obtain results. The SEO company would only need to rank 1 page for all of these different products.

This being said, website SEO companies may charge anywhere from $100 a month to a few hundred thousand per month depending on the size of the website and goals.

How do I know if SEO is worth it?

Website SEO Company

Judging the effectiveness of your website’s SEO would be to watch your return.

If your website’s revenue was around $100,000 per month while netting around 40$. Your company would make around $40,000 per month.

If you then employed a comprehensive website SEO company that charged $10,000 per month, and your revenue jumped to $200,000 per month. It would be a good option to keep spending money with your SEO company.

On the other hand, if you spent $10,000 per month with a company and your revenue didn’t increase, it wouldn’t be worth it to invest in that service.

Do I have any other options besides SEO for my website?

Website SEO Company

If your company is currently ranking #1 on Google for all of its products or services, it’s best to choose other means of marketing.

SEO tends to have one of the highest returns on investment, so I always recommend SEO before any other marketing is employed.

The next choice would be email marketing. Email marketing is an amazing form of advertisement to increase traffic to your website.

This form of marketing has some pretty amazing things to offer for your website as well as a website SEO company. Both strategies combined is an effective way to increase income.

What can AK’s Website SEO offer my website?

Website SEO Company

Guaranteed Ranking on Google 

Our website SEO services are guaranteed to rank your website #1 on the search results for even the most competitive terms. If you don’t succeed, you don’t have to pay for your service with us.

That’s how sure of the effectiveness of our website SEO services.

Best pricing possible

Our prices and guarantees cannot be beaten, let us know what you want, and we will craft the best prices for your project. We can work with companies of all sizes and budgets.

On-Demand Marketing Team

Growing your business from a small website to a large one seems like an easy task, but there are many hurdles that stand in your way once you have a large amount of traffic going to your website.

Our marketing professionals are ready to assist your business with anything from email marketing to social media marketing.

Our professionals have experience in just about everything you could possibly need help with, as you scale your website.

Contact us so we can evaluate your website

Website SEO Company

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