Marketing Company

Marketing Company

What does a marketing company do?

A marketing company is a business that advertises another business’s services or products.

A business hires a marketing company in order to increase revenue or gain brand exposure.

These companies charge a percentage fee or monthly fee depending on the services performed or the revenue increases achieved for a business.

Marketing companies today usually use about 10 different high-reward marketing channels to broadcast business to the consumer.

Marketing companies can also specialize in business to business marketing as well. 

What else can a marketing company do for a business?

Marketing Company

Marketing companies can handle the entire marketing section and even transactional section of a company.

Meaning, a marketing company can be employed by a business in order to handle the promotion of services, as well as the sales and transactional section of the business.

Many large companies use this option to scale a business in order to increase sales and quicken the scaling process. 

Most popular forms of marketing companies today

Marketing Company

Here’s a list of the most commonly used marketing companies.

With a description of their services and what they can offer a business.

SEO Marketing company

Marketing Company

And SEO marketing company or search engine marketing company is one of the most commonly used marketing companies today.

The goal of an SEO marketing company is to increase a business’s visibility in the search engine.

An SEO uses a long list of tactics in order to signal to the search engine that the business’s webpage or business page is relevant to the searcher’s question.

For example, if a car dealership in buffalo wanted to increase it’s online traffic, in order to drive revenue, they would hire an SEO.

A large number of people in buffalo are searching for car dealerships online.

The SEO would make this company’s webpage and google business appear first on the search results for related keywords.

If someone in buffalo typed in “car dealership near me” or a related keyword, that business would show first as a result of their optimized business webpages.

This can reap incredible revenue increases for all types of businesses all over the globe.

This marketing company type gives businesses long-lasting returns on their investment.

Most websites that are at the top of the search engines usually stay there for a good amount of time.

This optimized business can now enjoy a long-term successful future with their company’s new online leads.

Social Media Marketing Company

Marketing Company

This type of marketing company has been highly praised in the last decade for incredible results.

A social media marketing company is a marketing agency with the goal of increasing a business’s social following or traffic.

Social media marketing signal strong brand loyalty and lasting relationships between the customer and business.

An example of an effective social media marketing company strategy would be in the case of a new nightclub in a large city.

If a business person was aiming to increase brand exposure or social following for their nightclub, a social marketing outreach could be the best approach for their business.

A social media marketing company can create an over-night buzz for this new establishment from influencer marketing.

A media company would reach out to related artists with a strong local following and stir up a buzz for the new nightclub.

Once the followers or fans of the artist know that their favorite artists enjoy this nightclub, they will soon attend the establishment.

Another form of social marketing is simple organic outreach and engagement.

A marketing company can charge a small monthly fee in order to generate content that your followers love to interact and share with in order to grow your following base. 

Email marketing company

Marketing Company

An email marketing company can create and distribute content to a business’s customer base.

Commonly in the form of newsletters and other high converting campaigns in order to turn up the revenue dial from their email marketing strategies. 

An email marketing company can even create marketing campaigns to send toward new customers or businesses without a current relationship.

This form of email outreach is known as a cold email. Cold email outreach is the foundation for many startup businesses in order to schedule presentations for their services.

This type of marketing company has been providing incredible results for business to business types and also business to customer business types.

Email marketing companies also have the highest return on investment out of any other marketing channel in the world.

A great email marketing company knows exactly how to drive revenue from two focuses, email deliverability, and highly-converting campaigns.

Most email services that companies use today do not mention that there are various limits for large email marketing sends.

So most businesses’ cold and warm outreach campaigns are going straight to the spam bucket. Another main focus is on conversions.

Most companies are not able to turn emails into highly-converting campaigns.

An amazing email marketing company knows how to use email to achieve high deliverability rates and conversions for a business.

Pay per click marketing company

Marketing Company

This kind of marketing company can help transform a business’s low converting paid advertisements into highly converting, revenue-driving campaigns.

Various online social media platforms and search engines offer businesses the chance the advertise on their websites for a fee.

These fees are usually charged by each click that the business’s advertisement receives.

Most businesses have already tried to market their business using this strategy and failed to return high enough revenue for their advertising spend costs.

For example, a business that sells red hats attempts to use Facebook ads in order to sell their hats.

Marketing Company

Facebook will charge the business $1 for each click to their website.

The profit on each hat sale is $5. The previous campaign that the business used took an average of 7 clicks to generate each hat sale.

The business then determined they should not continue the marketing campaign because it was not possible to create income.

A pay per click marketing company can adjust this type of marketing campaign in order to generate a profit by optimizing the business’s website and advertisements.

The marketing company uses their knowledge in order to create a highly converting advertisements. A marketing a company makes adjustments needed to the campaign and 

now sells one hat for every 3 clicks instead of 7 clicks.

Now the business is driving revenue and able to use this highly effective marketing channel in order to scale its business.

Pay per click marketing companies offers companies the fastest results and possible overnight successes with a highly optimized advertisement.

Internet marketing companies and digital marketing companies

Marketing Company

A marketing company known as digital marketing companies or internet marketing companies specialize in various forms of marketing.

These companies can harness the power of all marketing channels in order to advertise a business’s products and services.

A great benefit of marketing companies like this is the possibility of adjusting the marketing budget to the best performing campaigns.

For example, a digital marketing company that is using pay per click, and social media at the same time can adjust one in order to drive the most revenue.

If social media marketing campaigns are proving to generate more income while the pay per click is failing to return successfully, they can provide more budget for social media in order to gain more overall success of their marketing efforts.

How much does a marketing company cost?

Marketing Company

Pay per click

The prices for these services are usually only a small percentage of the total advertising spend. Normally from 5%-20% of the costs of marketing


Total costs depend on the number of emails sends and how often the company has to generate new content. This usually starts at around $200 per email sent.


Monthly fees start at around $200 for basic organic outreach. Highly comprehensive influencer marketing packages range into the $10,000s per month.


Local SEO for small business can start at around $100 per month. Large companies employing huge SEO campaigns can go into the hundreds of thousands per month.

Things to keep in mind when searching for a marketing company

Marketing Company


A business should seek a PPC company that can convert a large number of website visitors into paying customers.

This way the pay per click advertisement campaign drives revenue instead of sucking the marketing budget.

A strong pay per click marketing company can guarantee income percentage increase versus the current campaign that the business is using.


Marketing Company

Seek a marketing company that can handle content creation and also the distribution of emails.

A guaranteed inbox deliverability service is also ideal.

Email deliverability is a pitfall of many online email service providers.


Go with a company that can guarantee real follower increases every month. If using an influencer approach, make sure the influencers that will be marketing the business is relevant to the services or products of the business.

A company that increases brand exposure to the wrong audience is not generating income.


Seek a marketing company that can provide guaranteed first page results on google for high-value keywords.

Keywords should be highly valuable to the company.

For example, if a company offers catering in Miami, the business should be found on the first page of google for “caterer Miami” Companies that can not offer this type of guarantee should not be used.

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