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What is a marketing agency?

A marketing agency is a type of company with a commercial or noncommercial purpose of marketing or advertising a company’s products or services.

Marketing agencies are most commonly a separate party of the client company.

However, some marketing agencies are staffed in-house.

Meaning that some companies have a division of their company with one purpose, and that is for the marketing of the parent company.

The goal of a marketing agency is to gain exposure for a company in order to increase revenue and income due to traffic increases. 

More on Marketing Agencies 

A marketing agency can help increase a business’s brand exposure or popularity through a large selection of services.

An expert marketing analyst can determine the proper marketing channels to be used in order to stimulate the most growth for a company.

Once a company is knowledgeable in their most lucrative marketing channel, they hire a marketing agency that specializes in the exact needs of their business.

Another common route is hiring a marketing agency that specializes in various marketing types.

These types of marketing companies can employ various strategies at one time and increase the efforts on whichever channel is performing the best for the client or parent company.

Marketing agencies can come with various names and services.

They are most commonly known as digital marketing agencies, advertising agencies, media companies, and more.

Some specialized marketing agencies have different names including, search engine optimization companies, pay per client partners, social media marketing agencies, and more.

Types of marketing agencies

Specialized Marketing agencies

Special marketing agencies are marketing companies that are completely specialized in 1 certain type of marketing channel.

This means that the company only focuses on 1 certain channel of marketing in order to drive traffic or business to a separate party.

Broad marketing agency

These are broad range marketing agencies that use various marketing channels at the same time to increase traffic to a business. This company spreads its efforts into reaping rewards from different forms of marketing.

Types of specialized marketing agencies

Specialized marketing companies come in all shapes and forms depending on the marketing needs of the parent or client company. Here are a few different types of well-known marketing agencies with their specializations and capabilities.

Social media marketing agency

This type of marketing agency specializes in the social growth of a business through social media marketing.

The target goals for this agency is to grow a company’s following base or increase traffic to their business.

A large fraction of small to large businesses are focusing on a percentage of their marketing efforts on a great social media marketing plan.

The main result of a strong social media marketing agency’s efforts is great brand loyalty and trust.

This is commonly obtained by social interaction from the company and the consumer.

One example of this is when a knowledgeable social media marketing agency builds high-quality content that a business’s customer base is interested in and wants to interact with or learn more about.

Another example is when a well-known social media marketing agency teams up with famous persons or entities in order to gain popularity or following bases for business.

A good social media marketing company has a large number of celebrities with a large following that can be reached out to for the quick promotion of their products.

The social media marketing company promises goods or currency in return for a brand mention or a post about a certain product on the celebrity’s social media account.

These types of social marketing strategies can generate a huge viral buzz for a company and in turn, create mass adoption of the business’s services.

A good social media marketing agency knows exactly which celebrity or a group of people to get a brand shout-out on.

This is done by targeting. For example, if a client of the marketing agency is currently marketing cat sweaters or cat-like memorabilia, it’s best that the company gets their client’s business in the view of cat lovers.

This would be done from getting a shout-out on a pro-cat social media account with a large number of followers.

This form of targeted social media marketing can be very effective. Without this proper targeting, social media promotions are almost without any benefits. 

Search engine optimization marketing agency

This type of marketing agency specializes in increases to a business’s website visibility in search engine results.

This is done in order to drive more visitors to a business’s website.

A search engine optimization marketing agency’s goal is to get a client’s website to appear for relevant search terms.

An example of a relevant keyword search term for a dry cleaning company in Los Angeles would be, “best dry cleaning Los Angeles” or “dry cleaning Los Angeles.”

These relevant search terms would drive relevant or highly converting traffic to the business’s website.

Customers that are actively searching for certain services related to a business are highly likely to result in a sale for a company on the search results.

Businesses that are highly visible or closer to the top of the search results are the most likely to gain that customer.

The most successful companies in the world are visible on the search results for relevant keywords to their service or products.

The main goal of a search engine optimization marketing agency is to increase the relevance and popularity of a searcher’s question.

Search engine results are widely dependent on those two factors.

A marketing company can obtain relevance by creating highly relevant information to the searcher’s query.

So if a search engine user types into the search bar “how to backstroke”, the search results are going to be filled with pages that are relevant to the question

. A page that is highly relevant includes in-depth information about the subject.

A quality search marketing agency will create web pages for a business that is highly relevant to the target search terms with high volume that are likely to convert into customers.

Another strategy that helps a business grow their position on the search results through popularity or a trust score.

Similar to how research papers include sources.

More on SEO Marketing Agencies

A strong web page will include a large number of other web pages that are linking to the web page. This increases a web page position in the web results.

The reason for this is how many web pages link to a web page in result signals that the web page has high-value content.

A great marketing company has a large number of web pages that they can build links from in order to increase a client companies web page’s results on the search engine.

A great search marketing agency that hits these 2 factors with a large amount of effort gains a high ranking in the search results in most cases.

Some search marketing agencies can even guarantee visibility in the search results for large volume relevant keywords.

Search engines constantly swap out their algorithm rule sets and factors tend to change in time.

That’s a reason why hiring a specialized search marketing agency is always a great choice for a business’s search marketing optimization services.

Another reason why hiring a search engine marketing company is a good choice for a business is the high returns on investment.

Search marketing agencies have the best returns on investment out of any marketing channel with the exception of email marketing agencies.

A business that is ranking for hundreds of highly relevant keywords on a large search engine like google is sure to succeed for many months or years after optimization.

Most companies that are ranking #1 on the results tend to stay there for a few years. The company with these high search results can enjoy benefits for years.

Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing agencies specialize in the creation and sending of highly converting email marketing campaigns.

These sorts of specialized email marketing campaigns result in a large number of conversions of current customers and new customers into sales.

Companies with large customer bases hire email marketing agencies in order to drive sales from their current customer base.

These are usually through great content with newsletters or promotional email campaigns focused on increasing sales with current customers.

Another strength of an email marketing agency is cold email outreach. Cold email outreach is an email marketing strategy that is targeted towards companies or consumers that a business has no current standing relationship with.

These cold email outreach companies are widely used by business to business companies and start ups in order to increase brand awareness and drive sales to the parent company. Cold email marketing can result in a high return on investment for various companies.

Email marketing agencies turn low converting campaigns into highly optimized campaigns that are sure to convert a large percentage of new customers.

An email marketing agency builds amazing results from three main strategies. Targeting, optimizing and deliverability are usually the biggest factors when it comes to creating a highly converting email marketing campaign.

A good email marketing agency will divide a company’s customer base into certain characteristics and build an email campaign specifically for those customer’s needs and related to the business. An email marketing agency optimizes conversions from analyzing the results of millions of results of campaigns and A-B testing.

Building emails with characteristics from optimized campaigns will increase conversions.

Deliverability is also one of the largest focuses of an email marketing agency.

Most businesses move onto other marketing channels because of terrible results from previous email marketing strategies.

The reason for these poor results tends to be deliverability issues. A large number of in-house marketing teams use the most famous email services that promise high email sending limits with low monthly fees.

However, these services do not mention to the company that the company’s domain is not capable of sending this number of emails.

Which results in the company’s emails all going straight to the spam bucket where they are never opened.

A good email marketing agency will handle the 3 steps of your business’s email marketing strategy while guaranteeing deliverability. 

Email marketing while an old method still retains the best return on investment out of any other marketing type.

The current email marketing average return on investment is over 40x.

Meaning for every dollar spent with an email marketing agency, the company increases its own revenue by $40.

Specialized email agencies are the most suited choice for start-ups, business to business types, and businesses with a large customer base.

Pay per click marketing agency

Paid advertising marketing agencies are one of the most effective marketing agencies in regards to the speed of results and capabilities.

These marketing agencies specialize in marketing a company through the paid result section of many large online platforms.

Most large search engines and social media platforms offer marketers the chance to advertise their services and products on their websites for a fee. For example, a website like Facebook will let a business advertise their services on its platform for a certain fee per click.

A pay per click marketing agency specializes in creating highly converting advertisements in order to gain a large amount of revenue for a company with a smaller pay per click marketing budget.

In-house marketing companies usually lack the specialty to create such high converting advertisements and lead to many companies not using this advertising channels. The reason for this is the lack of return.

Many companies start a paid advertisement marketing campaign with their in-house marketing team which results in a large advertisement spend and a lower return on investment.

An example of this would be a company that sells bulk car parts and spends $5,000 on the advertising and only generates $10,000 of revenue.

Which results in a net loss of $2,000 in income for the business. Instead of seeking another marketing channel, this company could employ a marketing agency that can optimize its advertisements and website in order to convert a large number of customers.

A result of this would be the same company spending $5,000 with a pay per click agency and instead of creating a negative return, the pay per click agency creates highly optimized web pages and advertisements.

This then converts a large number of website visitors.

This marketing expenditure in turn generates $20,000 of revenue and results in a $12,000 net revenue increase and makes their pay per click marketing strategy highly effective. A Pay per click marketing agency’s specialized knowledge can transform a low performing campaign into a big-winner.

Most commonly through optimizing website landing pages and advertisements.

They also create these landing pages and advertisements in reference to each audience type.

This results in effective marketing outreaches time and time again.

Pay per click marketing agency types can result in a fast influx of website sales and brand awareness in a short period of time.

Most of the best performing businesses in the world are employing a highly optimized pay per click marketing strategy in order to increase revenue and awareness for their service and products.

Television marketing agency

Television marketing agencies are companies that specialize in television advertisement strategies.

This marketing agency handles everything from the creation of the advertisement to the publication on a television channel.

This marketing strategy is highly effective for broad marketing efforts or brand exposure.

This broad form of marketing can result in large marketing spend for a large number of impressions or viewers. These can also create mass adoption of a service or product.

Television marketing agencies are best when targeted for certain localities.

These marketing agencies create highly targeted and relevant advertisements to a business’s viewers.

Radio marketing agency

These marketing agencies can broadcast a business’s message on various radio stations all over the globe.

Local radio station marketing efforts can increase brand awareness and local prevalence for business quite quickly and can result in large influx of new customers for a business.

Most marketing agencies specialize in proper radio advertisements in order to obtain a strong return on investment.

Most companies without a specialty in radio advertisement can create lower converting broadcasts.

Billboard marketing agency

A billboard marketing agency connects a company with billboard companies all over the nation.

The marketing agency also specialized in optimized advertisements in order to drive optimal revenue increases for the parent or client agency.

Billboard marketing agencies are still a highly effective form of marketing.

Pro’s of a specialized Marketing agency

The best part of specialized marketing agencies is in their focus on 1 single platform.

A search engine optimization company that only focuses on search engine optimization tends to reap greater rewards than an all-inclusive marketing agency.

The reason for this is the specialization. Google and other search engines update their algorithm a few thousand times per year!

This translates to many companies not being able to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape.

A company that is specialized in SEO can watch for daily updates and more, without spreading themselves too thin amongst other marketing channels.

It’s almost impossible to keep up with everything.

This is why a specialized marketing agency is always a great choice one a company has determined its marketing needs.

Con’s of a specialized marketing agency

The worst part of a specialized marketing company or agency is its narrow focus.

For example, if a business hires a pay per click marketing agency before it notices how low the competition is for the organic results.

The company would spend a large fraction of their marketing budget on something that could have been free or obtained with a much smaller budget.

This is one of the main pitfalls of a specialized marketing company.

Most companies are better with a professional analyst to determine their exact needs before diving in with a specialized marketing agency.

Types of broad marketing agencies

Internet marketing agency

This form of marketing agency extends into most specializations of online advertising.

These companies include marketing using social media marketing, search engine marketing, pay per click marketing, and many more in order to boost a company’s exposure online.

An internet marketing company can dial up the budget or efforts on well-performing marketing channels in order to bring in a successful return on investment for the parent company.

Digital marketing agencies

The most common type of marketing company or agency today is known as a digital marketing company.

This type of broad marketing company is very similar to an internet marketing company as it contains all of its marketing forms.

The only difference between an internet marketing agency and a digital marketing agency is the outbound marketing types.

A digital marketing agency differentiates itself from an internet marketing company through the use of outbound text messages SMS and email marketing.

Public relation marketing agency

These marketing agencies specialize in the favorable view of the company.

These companies employ various tactics in order to bring in a better appeal for a company.

These methods include online review management, article creation, and even press relation.

This type of marketing agency aims to increase the business’s public relationships in order to increase their favorability and standing in communities. 

Pros of a non-specialized marketing agency

The best trait of a nonspecialized marketing agency is when it comes to understanding where a company should focus it’s advertising spend.

A broad marketing agency can anaylze the return on investment from all different marketing efforts in order to adjust the current spending.

To achieve the highest returns possible.

An example would be a company that is receiving a 600% return on pay per click advertising while receiving a -50% net loss on radio advertising.

This nonspecialized marketing agency would quickly adjust the marketing budget into higher-returning investments.

Cons of a non-specialized marketing agency

The pitfall of a nonspecialized agency is its broad focus on all marketing channels.

For instance in the case of pay per click marketing.

A company with a broad focus will optimize a website for various forms of marketing that will result in lower conversions for other marketing platforms.

A company that focuses on various marketing platform may spread the companies efforts to thin and retain a smaller return on investment for each marketing budget.

What can a marketing agency do for a business?

A marketing agency using the right techniques can make or break a business.

Most of the largest companies in existence today are backed by a strong marketing agency.

A good marketing company can improve the current return on investment and even generate more business for a company. They can also help start-up businesses increase their exposure or popularity in order to drive sales and build a name for a brand.

Which type of business use marketing agencies?

All types of businesses from small to large are currently using a marketing agency in order to help them increase the amount of business they are currently generating.

Services based and product-based business models commonly succeed with an increase in traffic and brand awareness.

How much does a marketing agency cost?

Most marketing agencies tend to have prices that vary. Different marketing channels also have different prices. Here are a few industry standards depending on the marketing channel. 

Social Media Marketing Agency 

These marketing agencies have fees that usually are based on a monthly fee and also a fee that is dependent on influencer outreach campaigns.

Most Social media marketing agencies start at around $500 per month for a basic outreach campaign.

This basic service can grow real followers on a steady basis every month.

However, many comprehensive social media marketing campaigns will start at around $10,000 per month and will include famous celebrity shout-outs and more.

Prices are highly dependent on how effective the campaign is.

Pay Per Click Marketing Agency

The industry-leading cost for pay per click marketing agencies tends to be a small percentage of the total advertisement spend.

For an example, if the marketing company spends $5,000 of a business’s marketing budget on Facebook ads every month, the company usually asks for a fee of around 5% to 20% of the total campaign cost.

These fees are very affordable for most companies with an advertising budget.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing Agency

Search marketing agency’s costs can vary greatly depending on how comprehensive the search engine optimization strategy is.

A local business in a small city that would only want to rank high in the search engine results for a few keywords, would only have to pay a small monthly fee.

On the other hand, national brands that would like to be visible in the search engines, for various keywords would have to pay much more.

The reason for the varied prices is the amount of effort or man-hours that the marketing agency has to use in order to position a website high for various keywords.

The reason for this is the high amounts of content creation for web pages and large amounts of back-links in order to order to power those web pages.

An “all-out” marketing strategy will be highly effective and in return have a larger price tag.

Television Marketing Agency

Most television marketing agencies will charge a percentage of the total cost that the channel or program fees plus an additional fee in order to create advertisements. These fees vary greatly depending on the current portfolio of the marketing agency.

TV marketing agencies can start at a few hundred dollars for a television advertisement and all the way up to a few million dollars.

Radio Marketing Agency

Radio marketing agencies fees are similar to television marketing agencies in which they charge a fee for the total spending on advertisements.

They also charge additional fees for the creation of the advertisement or hiring of the talent to do the said advertisement.

These prices can range from as low as $100 to a few thousand per week.

Billboard Marketing Agency

These marketing agencies charge a fee related to the total cost of the billboard monthly cost and also the cost for creation of the advertisement to put on each billboard.

These costs usually start at around $200 per month for less populated cities and over $15,000 per month for digital billboards in highly populated areas.

Broad marketing agency

Most broad marketing agencies charge fees from monthly retainers to extended advertising costs.

A digital marketing company that is handling a business’s SMS, email, pay per click, and other advertising will have a higher monthly fee than that of a local search engine optimization company.

Digital marketing agencies and other broad marketing agencies fees tend to start from a few hundred per month to well over a million dollars per month.

When should a company hire a marketing agency?

Any company that wishes to gain exposure or drive revenue is a great candidate to hire a marketing agency. Marketing agencies have been increasing revenue and success of businesses for hundreds of years.

When a business shouldn’t marketing agency

There are a few times when a business should not hire a marketing agency.

Some companies with minimal budgets should wait until a proper budget is obtained before hiring a marketing agency.

An example of this time is when choosing to hire a cheap or expensive marketing company.

It’s best to prepare a larger budget in order to hire a reputable marketing company. Hiring a reputable marketing company is key to a business’s success.

What can I expect after hiring a marketing agency?

Depending on the type of marketing agency that a business has employed.

They can expect the following results provided to their business. A business currently employing a marketing agency should draw expectations in order to gain a favorable return on their company’s investment.

Social Media marketing agency

Something to expect from a social media agency is a steady increase in followers or interaction with the business’s social media profiles.

A sign of a good social media marketing agency will result in a few thousand more real followers every month.

Pay Per Click marketing agency

A good pay per click marketing agency will gain conversion for a parent company.

Once a company employs a PPC company, they should quickly receive higher conversion rates and greater returns on their investment.

Search engine optimization marketing agency

This marketing agency can get results for a business typically within 1 to 2 months’ time.

A great marketing agency specializing in this service could benefit a company by getting their company on the first page of google’s results for various keywords.

Email marketing agency

One employing a reputable email marketing company, a business should gain conversions on their current campaigns.

This should drive revenue to the parent company and increase brand awareness as well.

When a company should switch marketing agencies?

Depending on a business’s current returns on investment.

Hiring a different marketing agency may be a great decision for the business.

A great marketing company will be able to offer guaranteed results for your investment.

If you are currently using an SEO agency that is not achieving top position on the search results, it is probably a good decision to switch to another marketing company.

Some SEO agencies are able to offer a money-back guarantee for a business’s position in the search results.

Things to look for when hiring a marketing agency

When hiring a marketing agency it’s best to look for companies with a few of these characteristics.

A good marketing strategy is truly hard to come by today with the various amount of fly by night marketing companies and other less than reputable marketing firms.

Guaranteed Results

Most companies do not have any sort of fail-safe for their marketing strategies.

Leading companies will guarantee their results.

For example, when a business chooses to hire an SEO agency, the company should always seek an agency with guaranteed results. That will guarantee the business position and visibility on the search results.

This way the business can gain high returns with minimal risk on investment. 

Great Prices

A company should not spend all of their income on their marketing agency.

It’s a great decision for any business to seek a business that can give them results without charging absurdly expensive prices to do so.


A great marketing agency should always have a good reputation when it comes to online reviews and also position on the search results.

A good marketing company should be able to recreate it’s business’s popularity and results with your company.

So hiring a well-known highly reviewed company should always be at the top of your list.

The history of marketing agencies

Marketing agencies came into existence around 1800 in London.

The first advertising or marketing agency began in the USA in Philadelphia in the year 1850.

Digital marketing agencies prominently came into existence in the early 1990s with the increased use of online platforms.

Largest Marketing Agencies in the world

WPP Group

This is the world’s largest marketing agency currently headquartered in London, England.

This holding company owns various marketing companies with revenues of over 13 Billion USD (2019).

Omnicom Group

Second largest marketing agency with headquarters in New York City, that employs over 77,000 employees in over 100 countries worldwide.

Publicis Groupe

This marketing agency is headquartered in paris with a current revenue of almost $10 Billion USD per year.

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