Local SEO Services

Can Local SEO services get me to #1 on google? 

Absolutely, however, it can’t happen overnight. AK’s local SEO services have been getting clients to the top of Google for over 7 years. We don’t just put you on some sort of subscription that doesn’t do anything for your company.

We harness the most comprehensive local ranking strategy to make sure your business gets to the top. Most local businesses now are completely dependent on high google business rankings to be able to succeed in their city.

Local SEO Services

We own small businesses as well as our SEO company, so we know how important it is to be #1 in your city. We learned local SEO from pouring our hearts and soul into ranking our own businesses.

Our team has kept that same stamina while turning our SEO company into an international brand. We stay ahead of the google curve constantly employing new techniques to absolutely guarantee success for your business.

Local SEO? I’m position #6, I don’t need a Local SEO Service.

If your business is not currently #1 on google, well that needs to change now. Why? Well, if you’re not in the top 3, I don’t like to say it often, but, you’re missing out big time.

The first result on google is getting over 30% of the total volume of all new leads. Meaning, if you’re a locksmith in NYC, you would be getting about 30% of all total calls for a locksmith in the city.

Imagine a locksmith company in NYC getting 30% of all the business.

Even for a “small business” the result is multi-millions. As you go down the rankings it gets less and less. For instance, on average 2nd place gets about ⅓ of the total clicks/calls than the first position, and so on down ranks.

Every position down, there’s less and less, by the 4th position, there’s almost nothing left for your business.

Judging that google has a 86% share of all local searches, It’s Imperative for any serious local business to be at least top 3.

Do you want 30% of everything in your city or are you happy with .30%?

What are local SEO services?

Local SEO Services

It’s the fantastic stuff that get’s your business above your competitors.

If you currently have an SEO company working for your business and your ranks aren’t increasing significantly every few weeks. You probably need to make the switch to AK’s local SEO services.

If you currently have a small business, it’s in your best interest to get some SEO action going for your business.

The stats above are no joke. You don’t even need to spend a bunch of money, our local SEO services are super affordable for every business or even, a local freelancer 

Are Local SEO services expensive?

Local SEO Services

You’ve probably shopped at another companies website and noticed it’s pretty ridiculously priced or even seems unattainable.

However, we have plans for everyone. You can dominate Google for as low as $75 a month for a smaller competition area. However, our prices do range from $75 to over $500,000 per month, depending on the needs of the business.

If you own a national insurance company, the competition isn’t going to be the same as a wood store in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The price depends on how competitive your business is.

Our local SEO services are guaranteed to make your business fly up the rank, for the best prices in the industry. 

Which company should I order Local Seo Services from?

If you were let down in the past by a “marketing guru”, we understand, It hurts. there are a lot of those out there breaking hearts, with their artificial intelligence google business ranking factors. 

If you’re ordering Local SEO Services, it’s best that the company can prove it, not with random numbers on a spreadsheet but with actual evidence.

To be the best Local SEO company, you have to prove it.

We have hundreds of local customers with amazing and consistent results. 

Our results truly speak for themselves

Here is one of our multi-location clients.

They are dominating every single city that they have an office.

Incredible right?

That’s our average.

What do I get with my package?

When you sign up for a local package with us, your business will be assigned to our team. You won’t have to lift a finger on your website or your Google account. Our services will handle every marketing need that you may need. Everything will be done on our end completely. You tell us what we want, and we will take it from there.

What are the best Local SEO Services?

We have 5 different plug and play packages for local businesses depending on your local competition and the needs of your company. 

We just have a few questions when you are selecting your package.

Do you want to completely dominate the results as fast as possible or take the slow route?

Do you want your website to appear right under the local-3-pack to compliment your online appearance and garnish an extra 10% of the local traffic? 

Why not just do the Local SEO service myself?

Local SEO Services

Hey, you absolutely can. However, learning SEO would probably take you a few years, and the costs of your new venture will be a lot more than one of our starter packages.

Instead of experimenting with your business’s success, let us handle it.

You will get results pretty quickly, and there’s 0 risk. When learning Local SEO, you’re probably going to have a few accidents 🙂

Could I just hire a Consultant to teach my in house marketing team local SEO services?

Local SEO Services

Another budget-friendly option for a large multi-locational corporate business would be to just skip the outsourcing and hire a consultant that will push your team in the right direction.

However, this is also a guessing game for your business. Outsourcing to a truly professional company saves your business countless time-based errors and headaches.

We also can get the local SEO work done a lot more efficiently than your current marketing team, passing the saving onto you. However, we still offer to consult to large corporations looking to improve their local rankings on Google.

Local SEO Services, what do I get for my loot?

Local SEO Services

Personalized Local SEO service plan

Even though we call it a plug and play package, it’s only plug and play on your side. On our side, it’s far from that. A manager is assigned to each case, then the research begins.

We study your business market and find out what people want. Once we understand that, we start to create your online infrastructure.

Each and every one of our customers has a truly personalized SEO plan that will truly benefit your company for many years to come. Our local seo services are the most comprehensive marketing plan available.

Mass local SEO Citation building process

Local SEO Services

If you heard about citations before, these are just little pieces of your business’s information across the web. When you have a lot of these all around the internet, it helps your business increase its ranking.

Citations are most commonly know as business citations, they’re just mentions of your business’s name, address, and phone number. The reason it helps your business increase its ranking on Google is simply that, if a large number of websites tell google your information A name with B address and C phone number, it’s more likely that your business is actually at that location. Google want’s it results to be true right?

How upset would you be if you looked up a nice restaurant 30 minutes away thinking that they would be there because google maps told you that? When you arrive, there’s nothing there and the actual place is another 30 minutes away. Well, you’re probably going to be mad enough to use apple maps for a few days.

More about SEO citations

That’s the last thing that Google wants to happen. So before showing your business above the others, it wants a lot of these citations of your business’s name, address, phone number, across the web.

A lot of SEO companies offer these services, however, they simply aren’t enough. Large companies usually have list of 50 online directory locations that they automatically submit your businesses’s citation to or it’s NAP.

Which is pretty cool right? It’s actually not, no local SEO Services should include an automatic adjustment of your business’s information across the web.

It’s actually in google’s guidelines, it’s against the TOS to use automatic submission tools. These things will absolutely tank your rankings.

Well, at least they published your information in 50 different large entities like apple, yahoo, and bing. That’s a start to a local SEO service. There are a lot more factors when it comes to citations.

Instead of submitting your information to 50 different places with an illegal tool, we submit it by hand to thousands of directories.

That’s not the end though, up next are the 3 different types of citations that they still haven’t done for your business, these are just a few reasons why our businesses fly passed all of our competitors. 

Local SEO Services related business citation building strategies

Local SEO Services

These are in all of our local SEO services. These little guys are just citations from relevant sources.

What’s a relevant source you might ask? Well, let’s say your business is a chili dog restaurant in NYC. What would be a relevant website to chili dog restaurant? A cooking show would be a great option.

We start to pump out your business’s information to all relevant websites across the web. All local SEO services should consist of citation methods like these but sadly they don’t.

The reason they signal so much trust is that they’re relevant to your business. Not all signals are worth as much trust as the next. If Joe the truck driver says your hot dog restaurant is located at 122 main street, it’s not as trusted as a cooking website saying that your restaurant is located at 123 main street.

They’re more credible than the truck driver because the cooking website is in the same industry. However, on the other hand, some people would argue this because a truck driver would definitely know where some good hot dogs are. 

Moving forward, another type of citation that the other Local SEO Services are forgetting to build for your business.

Authoritative local SEO service structured citation building

These come from authoritative sources, meaning that it’s trusted. It’s a pretty uncommon word, however, google sure does use it a lot. A solid local Seo Service is going to build citations from authoritative websites.

Those are usually huge websites that have a huge amount of websites behind them also standing for their reputation. A good example of an authoritative citation would be your business’s information on a website like Wikipedia.

That is going to signal all kinds of trust to your business. If your competitors have citations from websites like Medium, and your source is on Wikipedia, it’s clear who’s business is going to pop up first when google has to leave it up to the citation factors.

I hope I’m not boring you too much with citations, but here’s the last type of citations that local SEO services fail to provide to your business.

Geographically relevant local SEO service link building

These are location specific citations that provide trust of your entity to google because of their location relevance.

These are websites that are geographically relevant to your business. Ok, we’re going back to the hot dog business example. Let’s say that business had their business’s NAP published on a few huge local company’s websites.

That’s another signal of huge trust to google.

If the people you’re competing against have a few NAP citations from a few companies in China about where your business is located. Well, they’re probably going to trust the NYC companies more than the Chinese ones, in this given example, because of their proximity. 

Our intuitive Local SEO Services have a ton of local citations when 99.9% of companies fail to provide these. That’s another reason why we excel passed them.

Our citations also include a frequency management

How do you manage citation frequency on local SEO packages?

Citation frequency management is always deployed in our Local SEO Services, to show to google that your website not only has a ton of websites talking about it, but also many websites talk about your business consistently, which means it’s popular.

Google loves to show which business is the most popular. If everyone thinks you’re the best, google is going to want to show you first. We start with a large blast of citations followed by a constant stream to help keep your new online fame flowing.

Local SEO services without a mass citation building effort with the most relevant, authoritative, and frequent citations, simply cannot compete.

Does your local SEO services provide NAP Management?

Local SEO Services

This is a service provided to all of the current citations that you have now, and the ones that we create. If your information on the web is full of errors, which it probably is, it’s not helping your businesses’ ranking online.

If 100 websites say that your address is at 121 Main Street, and another 100 websites tell google that your business’s address is 1242 Main Street. It won’t know what to believe, causing your ranking to plummet.

That kind of stuff doesn’t happen on our watch. We constantly monitor google’s index,, we go out and make sure your business’s information is consistent across all websites.

If it’s incorrect we will reach out to the website’s owners and get your business’s information adjusted or removed with google’s tools. That’s another reason we are different than any other local SEO Service.

We handle your information like it’s our own. Constantly improving and increasing your business’s trust. 

Does your local SEO Services provide social media account creation?

Our local SEO Services provide creation of hundreds of different social media accounts for your business. I know it sounds crazy, but there is 200 social media websites, and google loves to have your information on all of them and correct.

Our local SEO Services really get in there. Our competitors are adjusting your information on a maximum of 3 websites. Their local SEO Services don’t stand a chance against ours.

Local SEO services google business management

Local SEO Services

This is an easy one of course, but before signing up with us. Most of our customer’s google businesses aren’t completed yet. We go through all of our customer’s google businesses and make sure they are completed with the most current information, this is another trust factor to google.

Our local SEO Services also consist of monitoring your google business for changes.

Did you know competitors can actually submit changes to your google business? It sounds pretty crazy but it’s super possible, and actually all too common. Most of our clients have competitors submitting changes to your google business.

In some cases, competitors can change your category and even business name. If this isn’t caught in time, it could be detrimental to your business’s health. Our local SEO Services are always on the watch for bad actors trying to mess with your reputation. 

Local SEO Services google business description and category optimization

Google business description consists of optimizing your google business’s description to tell google what you’re all about. So if you do a few things that your competitors don’t we are going to add in as much as possible to make sure you appear for as many searches as possible.

We also adjust your categories to truly pull in as many searchers as possible to your business. Many Local Seo Services don’t even optimize your local business, they commonly leave money on the table. Another way we fly passed them.

Local SEO services google business photo optimization ( alt/title)

Did you know your google business’s photos make up a huge amount of your google rankings? Another position 99.9% of Local SEO services fail to cover. We go in and make sure your photo all has relevant data in the title and alt tags.

Those tell google what the photo is all about. So you’re going to want your photos relevant to your business and what the searchers are typing into there search bar.

Photo optimization with our local SEO Services doesn’t end there. Another solution we provide is Geo Optimization.

Local SEO services google business photo optimization (meta-data)

Did you know that all photos have additional information including when are where they were taken?

It’s best that all of your photos include this sort of information so google trust’s your business more. If you have a few photos in your collection with the incorrect data. It will throw your rankings off.

You might have a few photos in there that were added by people in another region. That’s not helping your rankings. All Local SEO services should provide that type of service, however they don’t. 

Google my business photo management is also included in our local SEO Services

For our corporate and multi-locational clients, it’s always good to have photo management, however most local SEO services on the market have none of this, we will always make sure that relevant photos are being added to your google business.

Sometimes, some strange characters add harmful pictures, which should never be displayed publicly to your customers. We are monitoring business’s daily for any sort of discrepancies or errors.

Unlimited google posts include in local SEO Plans

When’s the last time your marketing team posted on your google business? How about your SEO team? Most local SEO services are failing to complete this task. We regularly post relevant information on your google business page.

These constant posts signal to google that you are on top of your business’s information and appearance. Which helps build trust and increase your rankings. 

Increasing your Google Business Reviews with our local SEO service

Local SEO Services

These services are mostly provided to our elite business members, have you noticed how many large corporations have tons of reviews on their google businesses and the smaller businesses don’t?

It’s mostly because they have large teams of people that are assigned that as their job. They do this by reaching out to various customers at certain times and having them write reviews for their business in a strategic method.

Our local SEO services also provide this to your business, another way you will absolutely dominate the search results. In today’s world, online reviews are everything, well, first is being the first result.

Combine being the first result on google with thousands of 5-star reviews and you have a recipe for success. Our local SEO services are the most inclusive in the world.

Responding to google reviews and keyword optimization in Local SEO services

Another way our local SEO services triumph our competitors is that we manage your google business’s reviews. When a customer leaves a review we reply quickly which helps build trust to google.

We also strategically increase input keywords in the responses to signal your business to appear in more searches. Our local SEO services cannot be compared to the competitors, there’s no other company doing this right now.

Anchor texts – the butter of Local SEO Services

An Anchor text or anchor link is when a link is behind a keyword on a website or forum. When a blogger writes, this is the best pizza place in Canada, with a link.

That blogger just anchor texted to google saying that the link was best described as “the best pizza place in Canada” these are an old school ranking factor but they are still one of the strongest factors in the portfolio.

When someone anchors texts your business as “best pizza place in Canada” it’s more likely to show up for that same search query. Our local SEO Services include relevant anchor text links to your google business to help get it above your competitors fast.

This Local SEO Service ranking factor should be left only to the professionals.

As too many anchors will cause your ranking to plummet. Our Local SEO experts know exactly how to anchor text and get your business to the top. I haven’t even seen a local SEO service doing these yet. That’s another reason why we soar above your local competition so quickly.

Those are just some of the reasons why our google business local SEO services are the best currently available. We exploit 150 more factors in helping your business extend over the related businesses in your area. Local SEO services without them just can’t compete.

Now that you have heard about our local SEO services for your google business

Let’s dive into the local SEO services for your website. 

Local SEO Services for your website

Local SEO Services

Alright now that you see how much harder our team works for your local appearance than our competitors. Let’s get into what we do for your website and it’s ranking.

Free website hosting included in Local SEO Services

Are you paying right now for your website monthly? Well kiss those fees goodbye, when you’re one of our elite members, you can have your website hosted on our lightning-fast servers.

Your website will be able to handle an incredible amount of visitors and traffic while moving at speed. Our local SEO services even include free website hosting, which is unheard of. 

Website Creation & Keyword Planning on all Elite Local SEO Services

Your website right now probably looks great and functions fine. However, it’s probably not optimized to bring in as many customers as possible.

Right when you sign up with one of our packages, a professional SEO expert studies exactly money words your business would do well appearing for.

Money words are certain keywords that your customers type in many times. For example if you were a personal injury attorney, we would find the best keywords on Google to rank for multiple money landing pages.

Which would probably be “personal injury attorney (your city), “best personal injury attorney (your city).” Other key phrases that would increase your business would be words like, broken bone attorney or slip and fall attorney, we would do the research first and then apply it to your case.

Once we have a certain outline of what exactly we want to attract with your new website, we create and optimize your content completely. For most businesses, your website will also be optimized for online conversions.

Meaning you can sit back while future clients visit your website and purchase items instead of calling in or coming to your location. Which will help your workforce with the influx of new business.

It doesn’t stop with just e-commerce capable websites. Our local SEO Services are far from one size fits all, rest assured that your Local SEO services are in great hands with our packages.

Multilingual Support on all Local SEO Services

This feature is mostly for our multi-locational corporate clients, if you have storefronts all over the globe, another feature of our local SEO service is that our team can optimize for languages from over 20 different countries.

Our local SEO services can work in any country that you make have a website or google business and social media account. Our Local SEO service staff are multilingual pros from all over the country fluent in over a few dozen languages.

Local SEO Service members enjoy lightning speed websites.

This is another feature that is free with our local SEO services, some companies charge $10,000 to optimize your websites speed. However this is totally complimentary with our packages, we will make your website lightweight and lightning speed, guaranteed to be the fasted website out of any of your competitors.

Our local SEO services aren’t money pits, including another free feature.

Completely free HTTPS included on even starter local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

There’s a ton of companies charging an arm and a leg for HTTPS for your website. Their local SEO services are full of hidden fees. When you’re with us, your website will be a secure website completely free of charge. This is also a boost to your website’s ranking. 

Free features such a URL, title and header optimization on all local SEO Services.

Another totally free feature that’s included in our Local SEO Services.

We will go through your website completely and adjust all URLs for webpages that you already have, so they can rank higher on the web results. A huge part of ranking on Google is your URL and Title optimization, we will make sure everything runs smoothly with your current webpages and make adjustments if needed.

A title tells the searcher and Google exactly what the page is about from the outside of your website. Optimizing these for your website is imperative.

On the inside of your web page there’s something called a header, these headers tell google exactly what certain sections of the websites are all about. If your website isn’t optimized on all of these ends, it’s not going to be able to compete with someone with optimized Local SEO Services.

Mass local SEO services including scaled link building

Local SEO Services

Remember early I was discussing citation building from our local SEO services? Well, websites gain the same trust from link building. Similar to a citation, a link is just another website on the internet that has a link on it, going to your website.

So if my website has a link on it to your business’s website, it helps build trust.

This is one of the biggest ranking factors. The more people that point at your website signals that your website contains useful information, that is helpful for their readers.

If 100 websites are signaling to Google that your website is useful and your competitor’s website with the same functions and amount of information doesn’t have any points to their website. Your website is going to show up first.

The most relevant link build local SEO Service

Another feature of our local SEO services that is similar to what was mentioned before is a relevant link.

Relevant links are just like relevant citations, but links and links and citations are mentions of your business’s name, address, and phone number. Relevant links that point to your website from related websites are worth their weight in gold.

Back to the chili dogs, if that cooking show that we talked about had a link to your website, well that’s super relevant. So your website is going to rise through the search rankings.

Geographically related links included

Local SEO Services

Our Local SEO Services also contain geographically related links. Just like the location relevant citations that I discussed above, these are similar. The only difference is that they are links aimed at your website.

We have a large collection of go-to partners and more methods to build an incredible amount of location relevant links to your website. Once a few hundred websites with addresses in your city are pointing to your website, your website is going to fly through the ranks. 

Authoritative link building Included in all of our local Seo service plans

Our local SEO services are truly an all out-marketing strategy. We build links like it’s our job. Well, it is our job, and we take it seriously. We build links from all kinds of authoritative websites, just like we build authoritative citations.

Our local SEO services get links from hundreds of trusted websites in google’s index, including sources like Wikipedia. These kinds of links are sure to make your website jump.

Link velocity is managed with our local SEO Services

Our local SEO services contain link velocity management as well as just building them. Building links just once is not enough to maintain your position on google.

Your website needs to be backed up. First, we build a large number of links to create an “online buzz”. Then we keep that buzz going with a consistent stream of new links.

We hit ever factor of link building to make sure your website stays on top to get you the exposure that your business needs to thrive.

Will your local SEO Services build my domain?

Local SEO Services

Our local SEO services contain domain authority building, which is link building.

However, a huge ranking factor is the overall links to your website’s home page, which causes your domain authority to go through the roof.

If your homepage is trusted, your whole website contains a slight amount of trust as well.

Our local SEO services contain the best domain authority strategies on the market, just take any SEO tool and compare our websites to the competitors. It’s night and day.

Does my local SEO service have anchor text creation?

Just like we spoke about before with anchor texts pointing to your google business page.

Our Local SEO services employ anchor texts to your website’s homepage and also your landing pages. These are little links from all over the web, pointing to your website.

When a link is behind a text, it signals to Google that your website means what is linked in the text. So If I put a link behind the world “Great Chilli Dog NYC” your website is now more likely to appear for that keyword in google.

If we create a ton of these from different sources and point them at your landing pages, it will surely increase your positions. Most Local SEO services are not harnessing these strategies and falling behind our websites.

What is anchor text management on our local SEO services?

A special thing about anchor texts is that if there’s too many of them or an unhealthy ratio of them, it will cause your position on google to get back-paged.

Meaning that all of your hard work will be taken away as your website gets a penalty for doing too many anchors to your website.

Your position on google will be non-existent.

Our anchor texts are built with the proper ratio so that it only helps your rankings push past your competitors.

With our anchor text ratio management, we consistently watch what is going on, your competitors might be employing black-hat SEOs.

Some black-hats will try to point an unhealthy amount of anchor texts at your website or even an unhealthy amount of bad links from low-quality sources.

In hopes that they will give your website a penalty and cause your to website or business page to fall behind.

These types of tactics don’t stand a chance with our local SEO services. We are constantly watching your website for inbound links.

We control the links that are pointing at your website by telling google to disavow any bad links. Which makes it impossible for your competitors to tank our top positions. 

Do you make my website crawler and mobile friendly with Local SEO Services?

Local SEO Services

All of our local SEO Services provide these services for free, we will make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Most people on the internet are on their phones when they make purchases and look up a business.

It’s imperative that all of our client’s websites are optimized for this. Have you ever been on a website and you had to scroll around a bunch and you could hardly see the text or even click a button? That’s an example of a non-mobile friendly website.

Many websites can do this depending on which device that they appear on. We pick a theme for your website that is totally optimized on all devices to make sure your website appears as professional as it is on your device.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly it causes additional problems with google as well as your customers.

Your website may look mobile friendly on your side but to google it’s not. We make sure that Google thinks are website is in good mobile-shape. If it’s not, google won’t even show your website to mobile users because it doesn’t want them to go on low-quality websites. Another reason is that a crawler might have issues with reading your website.

A crawler is what travels through link to link from website to website searching for information that is unique and adding it to google’s index. We make sure this little crawler can easily pick up the information that it needs.

So your website can appear in google’s search results correctly.

Rest assured when your local SEO services are from the #1 SEO provider in the country, your website is going to be consistent and perfectly viewable for all, even the crawlies. 

What is meta description optimization on your local SEO Services?

Local SEO Services

The meta description is that small summary underneath the title on the outside of the website inside of google’s search results. It explains the webpage more to the searcher to tell it more about what it’s about to get on the other side if they click.

All local SEO Services should optimize for this but sadly they don’t. We know some of the best Meta-descriptions to get those precious clicks. A huge part of appearing online in google is getting the clicks if someone types in Chili Dog cook-off in NYC they want to see something that say something about a cook off that they can attend.

On most webpages this little description is not optimized, so google just grabs any sentence from your website and puts it on display. Imagine if your website was showing something like Best chili dogs in NYC- I only eat burgers.

Well, it’s just not optimized and it wouldn’t be getting as many clicks as a page that says something like, Chili Dog Cook-Off in NYC – Top Rated chili dog cook-off in the nation. Our local SEO Services are always-on-top of it. Making sure everything is optimized for business. 

Another feature from our Local SEO Services is our 24/7 support.

We totally understand if there’s something that you want to change, say you’re feeling in a blue mood and you want your website blue today with white letters, let us know we will make it happen right away, we won’t charge you an arm and a leg. Many of the features of our Local SEO services are totally complimentary.

Having a subscription with us is like being a member of the most elite hotel on the planet, without the price tag. With an endless amount of members ready to grab your bags and help you inside.

There are always staff members assigned to each and every client, that are ready to take your call and get to work right away for you. Our local SEO services don’t play games!

Monthly google ranking update with our local SEO services.

Once you sign up with our services, you will get a complete update of our work. Including all of the above-mentioned services + more.

Our monthly spreadsheet update will include these Local SEO services and more!

  • Personalized SEO Plan
  • Local Citation Building
  • Relevant Citation Building
  • Authoritative Citations Building
  • Prominence Boost
  • Geographic Relevance Boost,
  • Citation Velocity  Management
  • NAP Consistency Cleanse
  • Social Media Account Creation
  • Social Media Boost
  • Social Media NAP
  • Social Media Back Links
  • Local Link Building
  • Relevant Link Building
  • Authoritative Links Building
  • Link Velocity Management
  • Website and HomePage Authority Boost
  • Google Business 
  • Google Business Description Optimization
  • Google Business Category Optimization
  • Google Business Photo Keyword Tag Optimization
  • Google Business Photo GeoTag Optimization
  • Google Business Relevant Photo Management
  • Creation of Google Posts
  • Google Review Management
  • Adding Keywords to Google Reviews
  • Responding to Google Reviews
  • Website Creation
  • Website Hosting
  • Keyword Planning & Title Creation
  • Unique Quality Content Creation
  • On Page Signals
  • Off Page Signals
  • Page Title Optimization
  • Header Optimization
  • HTML Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Domain Authority Building
  • Url Optimization
  • Crawler Accessible 
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Anchor Text Ratio Management
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Mobile-Friendly and Device Optimization
  • Threat Watch Checklist

AK’s Superior local SEO services

Local SEO Services

If you have made it this far reading through our website, we discussed how many ways our local SEO services differ from the competitors. Our SEO Services aren’t for just getting on google.

They’re for ranking #1 on google. I discussed over 20 reasons why our packages will outperform any other SEO Service on the market. It doesn’t stop there, we have many proprietary methods that I did not discuss.

We get your business ranking on google as fast as possible.

There is simply no other choice when it comes to local SEO Services. Now that you have learned what AK’s local SEO Services stands for, it’s your chance to act now, to get above your competitors as fast as possible.

As soon as you sign up for our service, we begin to optimize your business at record speed and re-optimize it every single month to make sure you are above your competition. Using the above methods and more!

Still not convinced about our Local SEO services?

Are you not sure about AK’s local SEO services or do you want to know more exact timelines about when your business will start appearing towards the first positions on Google?

Contact one of our staff members and we can give you a totally free google business and website consultation and discuss a proper plan for you.

We have 5 default packages but they are customizable depending on your exact needs. Call us today for a free consultation.

What are your 5 plug and play local SEO services?

Local SEO Services

Ak’s Local SEO Services provides plans for 5 different business types and competitiveness. So your price will be dependant on how eager you are to rank #1.

If you are a serious service-based business owner that needs to rank the first result as soon as possible, we have a plan for you. Or if you simply own a few bricks and mortar locations, and you’re ok with waiting some time to obtain high-rankings.

Our local SEO services have something for everyone.

Local SEO Services Small Business Plan

This plan is perfectly suitable for someone that owns a few retail stores and would like to increase their business’s rankings on Google for a low price.

This plan keeps prices at a minimal while still being able to obtain high rankings, rankings will increase greatly in the first few months and slowly get to the top.

Local SEO Service-Based Business Plan

This package is mainly for service business owners, like realtors, plumbers, and even lawyers. It will increase your ranks fast and is perfect for service-based businesses in smaller cities.

The service-based business types enjoy the highest return on local SEO services, with returns on average of around 22x. This plan will enjoy a fast increase in search rankings in smaller and less competitive cities.

Local SEO Services Elite-Business Plan

This is another plan for service-based business owners similar to the plan mentioned above, but it contains a double shot of SEO and review management to help push your google business listing to the top in even the most competitive cities.

A great local SEO Service for a competitive business owner. In large cities, your business won’t be able to compete with our lighter packages, it’s going to take some work. With this plan, you are sure to succeed even as a locksmith in NYC.

That’s a perfect example of how much work it’s going to take.

We need to signal to Google that your business is the best in NYC, from the hundreds of other local businesses. Your rankings will quickly increase and rank above your competitors with this local SEO service.

Local SEO services Elite-Business Plan plus website

This local SEO service is similar to the Elite-Business Plan but it also comes with a completed website that is going to rank for all of the “money keywords”.

Not only will you get a google business at the top of the results but your website will also get tot he top to compliment your appearance and business’s revenue. This plan is more suitable for higher-revenue business types.

It would be a suitable plan for service-based businesses like law firms or real estate brokerages.

These local SEO services would also be a perfect fit for a store that has a lot of online-income, clothing stores, and other e-commerce related business with a storefront.

Local SEO services Elite-Business Unlimited

This is our most all-inclusive business plan, for the most serious businesses with higher revenues.

These local SEO Services are just like the elite business plan above but will have multiple service members working around the clock to increase its online presence at a much higher rate of speed.

This package will also include building out a website with 50 keyword built landing pages that will be sure to bring as much business as possible.

With this plan, your website will competitively rank for various keywords throughout the internet to pull in as much traffic as possible. 99% of our clients stick with this plan permanently as it can really bring in a ton of business to business.

Perfect for large e-commerce websites that have a storefront, or a brand that wants to scale up their current online infrastructure and go national.

Additional reasons on why to choose our Local SEO services

Local SEO Services
  • Money-back Guaranteed Rankings, compare that to the competitor
  • Free Website Creation
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Free HTTPS
  • Free Website Authority Boosts
  • Free lighting fast website optimization
  • 1,000’s of links vs the leading competitor’s 50
  • 1,000’s of business citations vs the leading competitor’s 50
  • Multi-lingual Website Support
  • Multi-Country Support
  • 24/7 Support
  • Social Media Reputation Management
  • Professional writer content creation
  • Leading industry prices
  • Most Bang for your buck on the market
  • Personalized SEO Plan
  • Monthly reporting

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