Local Search Company

What Is a Local Search Company?

A local search company is most commonly known as a “local SEO company” or “local search optimization company”.

These are a type of SEO companies, that specialize in small business, or SEO’s for Google My Business and the local web results.

Local Search Company
If you owned a hot dog restaurant, you would want it to appear here.

These local search companies help improve your local ranking in the google search so your small business can get the exposure that it needs to increase sales and brand awareness.

What can a local search company do for my business?

A local search company will be able to get your business to the top of the google my business 3-pack.

The Local 3-pack is that prime little piece of real estate that is just above the web results.

The area of google that shows the top 3 businesses in your area. If you have hired a local search company already and your business hasn’t changed positions in months, you probably need to seek another local search company.

Local Search Company
You would sell a lot of hot dogs at the top.

As you can see, the top positions garnish most of the calls/clicks/visits. Getting your business to the top of the local search is an absolute must have. If you are currently #8 on the results, you’re getting less than 1% of the total leads.

How much does a local search company cost?

Local search companies are the most affordable class of search engine optimization.

One of the reasons why is that an SEO company no longer has to compete on a national or international scale.

In other words, many people would want to be the #1 hot dog seller in the USA, however, there’s a lot less people trying to be the #1 hotdog seller in 1 certain city.

The local search company would only have to focus on a certain city or region for the small business, meaning there is a lot less work to do, and it is much easier to obtain first place.

If there is a lot less work for the SEO company, this cuts the costs down and these saving are passed on to the small business owner.

However, do not get the savings confused with fewer returns.

Small business owners enjoy the largest returns from total investment.

How long would it take for a local search company to get me to the top?

Local Search Company

A company that really knows what they are doing will still need a bit of time.

Sometimes it only takes 1 month, at other times. it takes up to 4 months to start flying to the top of the results.

If you are the 47th business from the top of Google, it’s probably going to take more than a few days to recover.

Who is the Best Local Search Company?

Local Search Company

The #1 local search company right now is AK. We love local search, this is the entire reason we started our SEO company.

We own small businesses as well as a national SEO company. Our small local-businesses and our client’s businesses are absolutely thriving from the expertise of our company. Want to see some results?

Here’s one of our local Search Customers

Here’s some more of their locations

Pretty cool huh? They are ranking #1 for every single city that they have a location. This only took 4 months for him to achieve, when they first signed up with us, their company was on the 3rd page of google’s search in some cities.

Want to see what the #1 Local Search Company Can do for your Business? Drop us a line at anytime!

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Local Search Company

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