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Law Firm SEO Services

Is it possible to achieve the first result on google if my law firm isn’t famous?


How will this help my law firm?

For this discussion let’s assume you are a partner of a personal injury law office in Miami.

When a user types in key phrases such as “slip and fall Miami” or “personal injury attorney Miami”, you will see google maps appear and display 3 law firms.

This is a prime piece of real-estate for a personal injury lawyer. Your firm’s information is being broadcasted constantly.

Law Firm SEO Services

This is precisely where your firm needs to be.

The first law firm on the local maps 3-pack is getting around 30% of the clicks/calls of the total search volume.

The total volume for google users typing in the exact key words “personal injury attorney Miami” is 1,900 per month.

If your firm was the #1 position on Google for the search term “personal injury attorney Miami”,

You would be getting nearly 700 clicks to your website or calls per month. Just for ranking #1 for this single keyword.

That’s not including the 100 other keywords or even non-city related keywords.

There are over 123,327 people in Miami seeking personal injury attorneys per month. Imagine the total click/calls as a result of being #1 on google. Well, roughly 41,109 clicks on average per month if you were #1.

Law Firm SEO Services

Can you get my law firm’s website to the first position of the organic web page results as well?

Law Firm SEO Services

We can also get your law firm to the top of google’s web page results. Every single keyword that someone types into the search bar may not trigger the local maps to appear.

For example, if someone types in an uncommon keyword phrase such as “what do I do, I got hurt at work”, you would want your law firm’s website to get triggered and appear in the search results. 

In local SEO studies, it shows that about 60% of searchers will trust businesses from  3-pack, or the 3 businesses at the top of google maps. Meanwhile, around 30% of searchers like to scroll down, passed the google business 3-pack, to find a website of their liking.

Only around 10 percent of users actually go with a company located in the paid ads section of google.

So 60% of users choose businesses from the 3 pack and 30% choose websites.

As you can see by these results, it would be quite beneficial to also get your website to the first position right under the google business results, as a large percentage of soon-to-be clients are seeking advice in this location.

So you can get my law firm’s website and google business to the top?

Law Firm SEO Services

In almost 99.9% of cases, our law firm SEO services get law firms to the 1st position of google’s results. For both google business and website. However, some law firms do wish to receive their first place position in 1 month or less.

That kind of timeline is impossible in most cases, as google will take a few weeks to even recognize our work. In a large percentage of cases, we will get your law firm to 3-pack in a couple of months.

For an exact timeline and free consultation you could contact us, it’s best that we determine this on a more case-specific base. As there are huge fluctuations with local competition and category on a city dependent basis.

Is it OK for my law firm to be #5 on Google?

Law Firm SEO Services

A few paragraphs ago I discussed how a law firm in the #1 position, is getting around 30% of the calls.

As your position moves down the list, you will be getting fewer and fewer calls, every position down gets around ⅓ of the traffic as the one above it.

If you’re place #4 on google map, you’re getting around 1% or less of the total google action.

Sounds a bit ridiculous? Well, it’s true.

People aren’t shopping around too much either when it comes to legal advice, around 74% of people stick with the first lawyer they speak to.

Combining all of these stats, it’s imperative to be at the top of google’s organic results

Should I just pay for google ads?

Let’s go back to the personal injury attorney in Miami example.

Here’s a screenshot from google of how many people are in Miami actively using Google.

Law Firm SEO Services

Here’s a screen shot from google of how many people from Miami are seeking personal injury attorneys per month.

Law Firm SEO Services

Here’s a screenshot of how much google will charge you to display your ad to it’s users.

Law Firm SEO Services

A whopping $135 per click!

Those are not qualified leads or a friendly referral.

Those “clicks” could be crawler bots searching google for lawyers just so they can find your email on your website and email you.

That same bot looking for your email could happen to click your ad 100 times in 1 day and your firm is now short $13,500 in marketing budget.

Without any leads.

Remember how I was telling you earlier how many clicks go to the first position on google? 30% do, and 123,327 search for personal injury attorneys per month in Miami alone.

30% of 123,327 monthly personal injury searchers in Miami would be 41,109 clicks.

If you told google that you wanted to pay for all of those clicks at $135 per click. It would cost your firm about $5,549,715‬ monthly. I’m not sure if you would come out on top of this deal.

So, do you want to get 30% of the leads in your area for a low monthly fee that’s guaranteed? 

Or pay $5,549,715 a month to scale your firm?

Now that I’ve given you the stats

When you are shopping for a  Law Firm SEO Services expert, consider the following. Are they guaranteeing my success? Or is this risky business?

I would go with the law firm SEO Services that are guaranteed to rank your law firm in the #1 position, or your money back. Sounds pretty good right?

Please send me us an email so we can compile a presentation to put on the table at your next partner meeting.

We can gather case-specific information depending on your competition and budget.

We would love to assist your firm in becoming #1.

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