Internet Marketing Company

Also known as an ad agency, this company is solely responsible for the promotion or marketing of a certain company.

The company handles the overall branding and may also handle sales for the company as well.

These agencies are usually separate from the main company, however, they can still some times be staff in-house. Marketing companies came into existence at the end of the 18th century. Internet marketing companies merged into existence in 1990.

More about internet marketing Companies

Internet Marketing Company

An internet marketing company promotes goods and services for a company.

A business hires an internet marketing company in order to increase it’s business’s exposure. Exposure for a business correlates to a large revenue increase. Internet marketing companies usually charge a fee to the company for their services.

Which type of business uses internet marketing companies?

Internet Marketing Company

Small and large businesses across the globe have been using internet marketing strategies for 30 years now.

The demand for marketing using technology has grown every year. Over 30% of local businesses are currently using some sort of internet marketing company to help promote their services or goods.

The majority of large businesses have an internet marketing company promoting their business.

What types of marketing does an internet marketing company do?

Internet Marketing Company

An internet marketing company can use various channels in order to promote a business.

A few of these strategies include Search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, Content marketing, influencer marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, email marketing, E-books, and even internet games.

Internet marketing companies most commonly used

Internet Marketing Company

Organic SEO

These internet marketing companies employ strategies in order to increase a website’s visibility in search engine results.

A company that has an optimized website appears throughout the internet for various keywords that are related to its business.

The SEO company optimizes a business’s website to gain as many website visitors as possible.

An SEO marketing company charges a business a certain fee every month in order to optimize their website.

The fees are based on how much content and backlinks the company must build in order to get their client’s website to the most relevant places on the internet.

Internet Marketing Company

The SEO marketer achieves these results by working with the search engine algorithms.

Many search engine algorithms look for the most relevant, in-depth, and popular content to show it’s users.

For instance, if a client to an SEO marketer has a business that sells custom statues in the shape of people.

This website would benefit greatly by appearing first on the search results for the term “custom statue”.

An SEO expert would then craft exceptional information all about custom statues, providing answers that solve all the user’s questions.

A highly optimized web page will include in-depth information that is also precisely relevant to exactly what the user typed into the search bar.

This optimized web page is then increased in popularity factor by pointing links to the website.

Another large ranking factor with search engines is the number of pages and the authority of those pages that are linked to another page.

Meaning, if many websites link to your website, this creates a signal of trust for your website. Which in turn gives your website a higher position on the search results as well.

A good SEO company will build links to the web page from various internet websites in order to increase its position on the search results.

Organic SEO has some of the highest return on investment from all marketing types.

Internet Marketing Company

The reason for this is simply because once webpages have been optimized and a large number of people are linking to the website, these changes last.

A business’s position in the web pages tends to stay for an extended period of time.

This results in a long term influx of customers and website visitors that increase a business’s revenue for many months and years to come.

However, this is not to say that all SEO companies can provide 1st-page web results for any business.

There are only a few handfuls of successful SEO companies that can guarantee results for a company in the search results.

Google uses hundreds of ranking factors when it determines a business’s position in the search results.

Most internet marketing agencies that specialize in social media or pay per click will usually lack the knowledge on how to rank a website on the first page results.

These algorithms shift up to 10 times per day. The company that is optimizing a website must constantly evolve to these rules.

Pay Per click 

Internet Marketing Company

Most large websites with millions of daily users offer businesses the chance to market their services on its platform for a fee. Business like Google, Facebook, Bing, and more have all developed their own pay per click advertising platforms.

These websites all offer a chance to place a business’s advertisement on its website in front of a targeted search audience. Businesses pay for these advertisements in order to drive traffic, build brand exposure, or increase revenue.

A common type of fee structure would be pay per click.

This is not to be confused with organic search engine optimization.

A pay per click marketing company will pay the search engine directly in order to display its advertisement on the web results for relevant keywords.

Internet Marketing Company

Search engines and social media platforms charge for every click that a company receives in its advertisement.

For regular business marketing teams, pay per click is a real struggle. It usually takes an expert in order to pay for these advertising costs and also increase net profits.

For example, if an e-commerce business that sells red hats has a profit margin of 40% on a red hat that costs $20.

They would make around $8 per red hat. If Google or Facebook charges this company $3 per click to their website, and it takes 3 clicks on average for the website to sell a red hat.

The company is losing money with every click to their website.

This company will require an expert in order to optimize its advertising and website in order to cut the costs down on marketing, so the company can make money with its pay per click marketing campaign.

Back to the example with the e-commerce business with the red hats.

If this company employs a marketing company that gets their average clicks down to 2 clicks on average to sell a hat, this company would now have succeeded in creating net gains for their company.

This pay per click internet marketing company now would charge a fee for optimizing their website’s landing pages and advertisements.

These companies usually charge a percentage of the total marketing spend.

So if a company spent $100,000 on google advertisement to generate $200,000 in net profits, a pay per click marketer would charge a fee of around 20%.

The company would additionally owe the marketer $20,000 for its efforts in creating an optimized marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing 

Internet Marketing Company

This type of internet marketing company helps strategically build a business’s social media following.

A large number of companies are leaning towards increasing their social media prevalence.

The reason for this is that companies with large social media followings and constant activity help build brand loyalty.

A customer that constantly interacts with companies photos, videos, and in-depth posts tend to build a business to customer social relationship.

When companies compete on price and quality, a company that already has a social relationship with a customer will secure the business in most cases.

Social media internet marketing has many more results than just brand loyalty.

A business using an influencer marketing strategy or also a promotional give-away can instantly go viral. This large influx of visitors can make a company popular overnight because of how effective and widespread social media is today.

A large company can partner with a social media marketing company that will help partner them with various internet social media influencers that can generate a buzz for their company.

Common strategies that are used are offering services, goods, or payment in return for a “brand mention” or a shout-out on Instagram. These forms of marketing strategies can work great if a customer base is targeted correctly.

For instance, a company that currently sells hip hop music-related merchandise would want to target the young demographic and also a related influencer.

This company will pick out a hip hop-related social media star and get promoted on their social media page in order to drive traffic that is relevant to their business. An internet marketing company that understands social media marketing will choose highly targeted audiences in order to publish your content.

These social media companies will usually charge a monthly fee for connecting your company with influencers.

Email Marketing 

Internet Marketing Company

One of the oldest yet still highly effective marketing types.

Email marketing also enjoys that largest return on investment than any other marketing channel available today. A strong marketing campaign targets the user perfectly, answers the questions they have, relates to them, and builds trust for your company.

A good email marketing company drafts highly relevant marketing campaigns directly suitable for your business’s customer base.

A great internet marketing company will segment your current audience base into certain audience types and send them perfectly curated emails that will cause them to be attentive to your business.

This in turn drives incredible returns on investment from your previous customers. Another way an internet marketing company can use email marketing is for cold emails.

Cold emails are a form of advertising or promoting goods and services to a company or person that a business does not currently have a relationship with.

This cold email usually starts off cold and “warms” a prospect up with a promotional offer or a friendly phone call to explain more about the companies services.

Most software products rely heavily on business to business cold email marketing strategies in order to spike sales for their company.

A strong email marketing company will send friendly emails to millions of businesses around the globe and hand their leads off to the sales team in order to gain traction for their products. 

How much does internet marketing cost?

Internet Marketing Company

Depending on the marketing type used and also the company that is hired, costs will vary. Here are a few averages for each type.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO costs will be dependant on the efforts of the SEO company, a small SEO package could start at around $100 per month for simple local SEO.

A website that would want to promote hundreds of different products could exceed $10,000 per month in advertisement costs.

Pay Per click 

These companies typically charge monthly fees and percentage fees to help optimize your website and advertisements.

These fees typically range from a few hundred to a few thousand per month and also 1% to 20% of all the total advertising spend.

Social Media Marketing 

Fees surrounding internet marketing companies that specialize in social media typically charge a monthly fee and also costs of promotions.

A company may charge a percentage of every influencer that they connect a business with. This fee structure is similar to the pay per click marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing companies that send emails on behalf of a business typically charge a monthly fee and per email campaign that they send.

For example, when hiring an email marketing company to draft daily email blasts that are completely different each day would cost much more than a quarterly email blast. 

How much revenue can an internet marketing company make my business?

Internet Marketing Company

For each and every one of the largest businesses in the world, what lies behind them is a successful internet marketing strategy.

Each and every advertising channel has its pros and cons.

Some can generate more income for one business, while another can achieve faster results when a company needs it most.

A consultation with a world-class marketing company can help find exactly which channel your business is lacking most.

Which internet marketing platform is best for my business?

Depending on your current business structure, it’s best to experiment with all internet marketing channels in order to develop a suitable marketing strategy for your business.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to developing a proper marketing strategy to scale a business.

Even 2 businesses with the exact same structure tend to benefit from different marketing platforms.

For example, one law firm can benefit greatly from email marketing while one has a poor return on investment.

Another law firm does great with pay per click while another with search engine marketing. Results may vary depending on the exact case of each business.

How do I remove risk when hiring an internet marketing company?

Internet Marketing Company


When choosing an internet marketing company, it’s best to look over their work that relates to what you want to hire them for. For an example, if you are hiring an SEO company, it’s best to hire a company with a great position on the search engine results.

A poor decision on an SEO company would be hiring an internet marketing company from an internet classified marketplace.

Social Media Marketing 

Internet Marketing Company

When hiring a social media marketing company to increase your brand’s loyalty or create a viral Buzz.

It’s best to employ an agency that has some results or something show you for their campaigns. A good company would also guaranteed results for your campaign.

Email Marketing

When searching for an email marketing company, always go with a company that can guarantee deliverability. Most in-house marketing teams use large name email providers and attempt email in house.

This often turns bad as most email providers fail to mention how to properly start an email marketing campaign. This results in most emails ending straight in the junk folders to never be found. 

Pay Per click 

When seeking a pay per click internet marketing company, always look for companies that can guarantee to improve your current return on investment.

If you seek a company that only slightly helps your numbers, it’s best to shop around.

A high conversion rate with a PPC marketing campaign can make a business successful. A successful pay per click company is hard to come by.

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