Internet Marketing Agency

Internet Marketing Agency

What is an internet marketing agency?

A internet marketing agency utilizes various online platforms in order to attract visitors to a target company.

The internet marketing agency promotes services and products in order to increase revenue for a business.

Internet Marketing Agency

A company that hires a internet marketing agency can assist a company in marketing of their services or products.

Many large companies today hire internet marketing agencies in order to subcontract their marketing services. 

What channels do marketing agencies use to promote a business?

Internet Marketing Agency

internet marketing agencies use a variety of modern techniques in order to attract visitors. Here are the most commonly used services as of now.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This type of marketing increases visitors to a business’s website. An SEO internet marketing agency uses various tactics on the company’s website in order to signal to the search engine that the web page contains relevant information to the searcher. SEOs do this by creating great content and backlinks to the website. SEOs are proficient in this marketing and can increase a website’s position on the search results quite dramatically. The best SEO is capable of getting a small website to the first page results of google for competitive keyword search phrases. SEO internet marketing agencies have nearly the highest return on investment of all marketing channels. With an average return on investment of over 20x.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Internet Marketing Agency

This form of internet marketing agency specializes in paid advertisement channels. Many large websites today offer marketers an advertisement opportunity on their platform. Companies that offer PPC advertisement options are Google, Bing, Facebook, Youtube, and more. These websites charge the marketer per click or also by impression. A internet marketing agency that specializes in PPC can increase the return on investment for paid advertisement thorough knowledge of marketing. With the cost per click ranging over $500 in some industries, it is imperative that a company knows exactly what they are doing before building a PPC campaign. It’s always best to seek a internet marketing agency or PPC consultant before starting.

Organic Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Internet Marketing Agency

Social media marketing remains one of the largest forms of online marketing. Social media internet marketing agencies can increase a business’s social presence greatly. These companies employ various methods in order to entertain and grow their followers. These services also build strong business to customer relationships and form long-lasting relationships for the business.


Blogging is a form of online advertisement that gained huge traction in the last few years. Businesses are now blogging on various channels in order to help users with information. Bloggers usually give away free expertise information in order to build a large online presence or gain website visitors. This form of marketing builds a strong signal of trust between you and customers. A internet marketing agency that specializes in blogging helps build your brand online through various means of publishing useful content to internet users. Blogging and SEO go hand in hand for generating a large number of website visitors.

Email Marketing 

Internet Marketing Agency

This form of marketing has the highest return on investment of all channels. Email marketing is a great way to keep existing customers, and also gain more customers. 2 forms of email marketing that a internet marketing agency may use are hot and cold email marketing. Hot email marketing is the process of emailing current customers with newsletters or promotions in order to drive traffic or revenue. Cold email marketing is the process of emailing customers or businesses that you have not done business with. These marketing companies contact new businesses and solicit products or services.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is the process of creating videos and posting them on Youtube and other online channels. Video marketing can be used as a way to convert customers on a landing page or even build subscribers on youtube. These efforts also signal trust from the business to customers and increase visitors to your business as well.

Which type of internet marketing agency is the most effective?

Internet Marketing Agency

Every form of marketing can be effective for any business. However, depending on your business type, some forms are more effective than others. For example, an online e-commerce business may succeed the most with pay per click and SEO. While on the other hand a hardware store would succeed the most with SEO and email marketing. 

How much does an internet marketing agency cost?

Internet Marketing Agency

internet marketing agencies costs may range in price from as low as $50 per month to over a million dollars a month depending on their services. A business that hires a internet marketing agency to improve their google business visibility will have a small monthly price. However, a large business that is using a internet marketing agency to help with millions of dollars in ad spend will take a large percentage of the companies to total spending on pay per click.

Should I hire a internet marketing agency?

Internet Marketing Agency

Depending on the exact needs of your company, it may be a good decision to hire a marketing company. Is your business capable of growing from being online? If so, it’s a good idea to consult with a internet marketing agency.

Which internet marketing agency should I hire?

Always do your research before hiring a internet marketing agency. Some marketing companies could do more harm than good to your business. While others may turn your business into a high earning company overnight.

Things to look for when hiring a internet marketing agency


A internet marketing agency should always be affordable to your business. Don’t hire a company if the fees are going to put you in a bad position.

Online Presence

Internet Marketing Agency

Is the company well known? A company near the top results of Google is always a good option. A strong online google presence usually goes hand and hand with accountability.


How are the reviews for the company online? Check to see if there are any complaints with BBB and other websites.

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Internet Marketing Agency

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