Guaranteed SEO Services

Guaranteed SEO Services

SEO Services that are guaranteed to get your business #1 on Google.

Not for a crazy long keyword phrase like the best dark jean tailor in Chicago.

For an actual money phrase, that people actually search for on google.

What’s a money phrase?

They are the keywords that drive revenue.

Let’s say you were a tailor in Chicago. You would want your business and website to appear for words that most people in Chicago are typing in while looking for a tailor. Your money keywords would probably be the following.

  • custom suits Chicago
  • alterations Chicago
  • tailor Chicago
  • best tailors in Chicago
  • suit tailor Chicago

Here is a picture from the keyword planner of Google, to show you the exact searchers per month, for those keywords.

Guaranteed SEO Services

Back to the keyword phrase, “the best dark jean tailor in Chicago”, it gets a total of 0 searches per month.

Guaranteed SEO Services

If you hired a guaranteed SEO services company, who would you hire? Someone that could make your business appear for “custom suits Chicago” and “Tailor Chicago”? Or would you go with the best dark jean tailor in Chicago? 

I’d assume you want to bring a ton of customers to your shop right?

Ak’s Guaranteed SEO services do just that, guaranteed google ranking, for money keywords.

Ok, so what do you mean by getting me to the top of Google?

Here’s an example of what we mean by getting you to #1 on google for your business

Guaranteed SEO Services

This little section of google pops up on over 90% of google searches and it retains over 60% of the total clicks and calls to local businesses.

This is a great place to be for a tailor in Chicago, a first-placed position would be getting around 30% of all total callers for “tailor Chicago”. Second place 15% and third place around 7%, the further down you go, you get the point. There’s nothing left to eat.

It’s like the movie The Platform. (Don’t watch it if you’re a die-hard capitalist)

Ok back to guaranteed SEO Services, here’s what we mean by the top of the “web results”.

Guaranteed SEO Services

Ok great, how many calls would I get ranking high here as well? 

The top position here would be getting a lot fewer calls than a google business at the top. However, a large percentage of people are actively seeking local businesses in this section of google.

Around 30% of searchers go here to shop. Also, when you’re appearing twice on someone’s screen, it really builds your brand exposure. Our clients that invest in both SEO for their website and SEO for their google business really have some great results for their year over year numbers.

Also, businesses that offer many different solutions, this would be a requirement, any business that sells products or a high number of services would benefit greatly from website SEO as wells as google business SEO.

Common questions are, which one’s better? Where should I invest my SEO budget if I’m a service business or a small shop?

If you’re on a limited budget, I suggest investing in only the google business first, the returns are a bit higher, and the results are faster.

Can you really get me to the top of Google fast?

It will take a few months to get incredible results, sometimes it’s shorter. In some highly competitive markets, it’s going to take a little bit of time.

Absolutely, any business that says it will take a few years, isn’t really an SEO. In some high competition business categories in larger cities, it does take a long time to get to the top. But the whole way up is smooth, your business is increasing ranks, retaining additional leads every day.

Hey, I heard you can’t guarantee #1 placement on Google?

Guaranteed SEO Services

Here is a webmasters Q/A from google that says people can’t guarantee #1 position on google

Yes, it would be very difficult for a company to guarantee the #1 position on google for a keyword like SEO, there are millions of companies from all over the planet, the competition is ridiculous.

However, for a tailor in Chicago, or even a lawyer in Chicago. There are only a few dozen legitimate tailors and a similar amount of serious law firms. None of them are SEO pros. Neither are they employing world-class SEO services.

Are you saying Google is lying?

guaranteed SEO Services

Absolutely not, be very cautious when hiring a person that will guarantee their SEO services. I think that Q/A was a bit misleading to most people, as the question was very vague.

If the question was asked differently to Google’s Matt Cutts, I think the answer would be completely opposite.

Hey, Matt, if a world-class SEO team was publishing absolutely amazing content repeatedly for a business and also building links and helping a business gather tons of reviews, all in a white-hat method.

Would this business outperform a business that was not doing this?

Well, this is certainly the case with our service. There is no other SEO service like ours, and we work a lot harder for SEO than any other local business in your city.

I’m not saying that we can rank your business tomorrow on both the google business section and also web results. Guaranteed SEO services take a little bit of time. 

How much is your Guaranteed SEO Services?

Depending on your business’s needs, and budget.

We are ready to handcraft a business plan precisely for your exact business, please allow us to compile research for a few hours and we will have an estimate perfect for your exact situation.

We also have a few packages and plans that you are free to purchase if you are sure of what you current needs are.

All of our SEO services are guaranteed, meaning you don’t have to pay if we can’t get you the results you are looking for.

If you would like your business to get a detailed evaluation and exact timelines, depending on the competition in your city. Please let us know, an SEO Pro from our team will give you exact estimates on your project.

Guaranteed SEO Services

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guaranteed SEO Services

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