Dentist SEO Services

Dentist SEO Services

Our Dental SEO services will get you to the first result on google, or it’s free.

How can I get my Dental office to the first position on google?

Simple. Employing the most comprehensive SEO service plan with a team that truly cares about your business’s future.

We get your google business to the top of the 3 pack fast.

What’s the 3 pack?

Dentist SEO Services

This little piece of heaven is called the 3-pack. Why is this a sweet spot for your dental office?

Well, this is where most people shop because of the actual reviews on there. They want to see if their mouth is in good hands. The top 3 spots garnish most of the leads. If your business isn’t there, it’s too hard to find you. Most people don’t want to shop around all that much, being at the top is a must have!

What about my website? Are the normal web results lucrative as well?

Dentist SEO Services

People still look through websites to find a reputable dentist right?

Of course, about 30% of people skip right passed the google businesses and gather information from the top websites. This is still an ideal place to be as well as Google 3-pack.

If you combine both the web results and the business results, well the practice is definitely going to be putting in most of the veneers in your city.

Why not just pay for ads?

Studies show a top position on google will retain 30% of total searches. Let’s say you signed up with us and you end up getting to the first result on google. You would be pulling in 30% of the clicks. Want to see how much Google Ads would charge you for the same clicks?

Here’s how many people that are in LA currently using Google

Dentist SEO Services

Here’s how many of those people are actively looking for dentists every month

Dentist SEO Services

Ok, back to seeing how much Google Ads would charge you for 30% of these clicks.

294,289 people looking for dentists in LA per month

You could be getting about 30% of the total clicks!

Which is about 98,096 Californians clicking on your ad!

Let’s break that down into advertisement spend $.

The big guy wants $7 per click!

So 98,096 total click X 7 per click, could cost you around $686,672 per month.

It seems like a pretty good deal. But they are better options, you could just sign up for dental SEO service from us. You will get a complete plug and play marketing strategy, without the requirement to hire a pay per click pro or an in house marketing team.

Oh yeah, and we won’t charge you $686k/month

We’re actually the cheapest dentist SEO service. We have some pretty awesome guarantees too.

What’s next?

Dentist SEO Services

We’re first going to give you a totally free consultation, with an SEO pro, not a sales guy. We will determine the possibilities and time-line for your current situation. We will also compile possible key words or terms that you would like to rank for. Some dentists want to rank for every keyword possible, some want to focus their practice on certain services. Whatever you want, we’re here to make it happen.

What do I get when I order dental SEO Services?

Once you sign up, it’s going to be completely handled. We are a plug and play strategy for your dental practice. You will also get the 24/7 on your dental SEO Services. If one day you are feeling like you want to pull in more leads for veneers. We will swap your website around to bring in those leads. We are ready to optimize and adjust anything that you may want, at any time. If you want to lighten the load for your office, we could incorporate your website to be complete sales online. You would be able to accept payments online much easier and fluently. These are all features that are completely complementary to our Dental SEO Services. Most places will charge you an arm and a leg for these services. We have an abundance of absolutely complimentary services on our dentist plan that would be sure to cost a minimum of $10,000/month with the other guys.

Free stuff for dentist SEO services

Lighting Fast Website Hosting

If you currently have a website right now, great. It’s probably costing you a little bit of money depending on the website and the speed of your servers. You could have a cheap slow website or a fast one that would cost around $100 per month, on a nice dedicated server. Signing up with us is going to get you on a dedicated server with some of the fastest speeds. People love fast websites, Google does too! That’s why it’s one of their ranking factors. It increases user-friendliness. 

Page Web Speed optimization

All of your webpages will be optimized to load the right things at the right times. So you end up with a lighting fast website. People will love surfing through your website if it has quick response time.

Website Creation

Most of our customers have a fairly outdated website and are not too against the idea of creating a totally new website. This has many features, however if you want to keep your website the way it is, that is also possible.

E-commerce Website Support

When we create a new website for you or optimize your old website, we will also make it e-commerce ready, if that is something that you would want for your dental office.

We can create your website capable of displaying your services and prices with the ability to take payment right there on the website.


HTTPS is that little lock thing at the top of your screen, that looks like a lock right next to 

It shows that your connection is secure, it also helps with web speed a bit too. Some hosting platforms charge an arm and a leg for it, we offer it free for your website.

All of these additional features are completely optional. If you don’t want us to host your website on our lightning fast servers, or secure your website. It’s up to you!

Wait, another company gave me a quote for my dental office’s SEO and the price tag was $7,000/month. They also said that there is no such thing as fast results in SEO. They also said an SEO that can guarantee results must be using black-hat techniques. Including that these tactics will get my website taken down and removed from google’s index.

They said that the results take 1 year – 2 years.

We hear this all the time with competitors that really just don’t know SEO and want you on a waiting game as long as possible.

We don’t play that game.

It’s almost like a dental office that wants to increase revenue for their practice. Ok, everyone remembers to eat some sweets before bed, don’t brush! I guess it’s a good way to increase revenue right?

Back to real life, the longest you should wait for significant gains from your dental SEO services is 2-4 months in the USA. In other countries, it takes a little bit longer, but google updates for businesses happen every 8-16 weeks in the USA. So yes, a lot of the time, results do happen in just 1-2 months if the work was started right away.

We have put countless businesses on the top of Google fast. AK SEO services are 99% SEO driven. Meaning all of our data is SEO, we breathe, sleep, eat SEO. It’s all we do, of course, we’re good at it. 

When do you recommend ads?

I like to tell clients they should use google pay per clicks as only for brand awareness campaigns. Returns from pay per click are nowhere near the same return on investment as SEO. Industry averages are around 22x return on investment for SEO while pay per click could be around 2-3x. 

Also, for a decent pay per click campaign, you’re going to have to hire a professional to be on top of that daily as well. Which is going to cost more than hiring us for your dental SEO service.

We’re guaranteed. Pay per click can’t offer that.

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