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What in the world is a cheap SEO package?

A cheap SEO package includes search engine optimization boosts to your google business or website in order to help it increase in positions on the search results.

A higher position on the search results is directly correlated to higher revenue.

Cheap SEO packages are mainly sought after by businesses that want to keep their expenses at a minimum while getting as many results as possible.

Should I get a cheap SEO package?

If you own a local business or even an online enterprise, a cheap SEO package may be right for you.

If your business thrives from an established online presence, you should think about investing in an SEO package. SEO packages can obtain some pretty amazing results for your company.

Should I trust a cheap SEO package?

All cheap SEO packages are not created equally, some may get incredible results for your online exposure, some may even damage it. Depending on which company you choose will determine your results.

Which company has a reliable cheap SEO package?

AK has the best cheap SEO packages available on the market today. We have been getting consistent results for our customers globally when it comes to their google business or website rankings. When you purchase a cheap SEO package from us, rest assured that your business in good hands.

Do AK’s cheap SEO packages guarantee results?

All of our cheap SEO packages have guarantees.

Meaning, our SEO packages are guaranteed to get you to the top of Google or your money back.

In other words, if you own a business and want to obtain the top results on google for a generic search for your services. It’s a great time to order an SEO package.

A generic search means, for example, if you are a painter in Colorado, and would like your google business or website to appear at the top of the results, we can help!

Your google business will ascend to the top on a consistent basis.

If we don’t get amazing results for your business, it’s on us!

How fast can I get to the top of google with a cheap SEO package?

Your business’s current position on the results will determine how fast we can get it to the top of Google.

There are a few other factors that come into play when determining your ranking time-line.

The age of the business will be one of them accompanied by the current competition in your area.

For example, if you would like to use our cheap SEO packages so you can become the #1 locksmith in NYC, it’s going to take some time.

There are a few hundred competing businesses.

So jumping over a few hundred of them is going to take longer than 30 days.

However on the other hand, if you have a lot less competition, you could jump to the top in less than 30 days.

Contact one of our SEO specialists so we can do some research on your business and determine projected time frame for your company, and when we could get you ranking high.

What kind of words can I appear on google for?

Depending on your business type, you would want to appear for key phrases and words that are going to increase your leads.

Meaning, if you have a car dealership, you’re probably going to want to appear for key phrases like cars for sale, car dealership, and various other words related to your business.

Our SEO professionals will look into your business and find the most appealing words and buyer-ready terms to rank for.

After our consultation, our professional will find the best keywords for your business to rank for and offer them your package with a fore-cast of volume. Depending on which keywords and how many you would want to rank for.

This would determine how much you will spend on one of our cheap SEO packages. All of our plans are customized specifically for your needs.

How much return on investment will a cheap SEO package bring me?

Depending on your business type, SEO tends to have some incredible results. If you happen to be a service-based business, like a CPA, your results will be incredible. We have a large list of happy customers.

A year over year increase of 200% or even 400% of total revenue is not out of the norm for our customers. Even a cheap SEO package from one of the most reputable companies can get some pretty fabulous results.

On the other hand, SEO might not be the best option for certain business types

. We have not had luck with certain businesses like commercial trash companies. It seems that consumers and businesses are not calling google business listings for these types of companies.

However, if you are a consumer-driven business, your results will be quite amazing from our cheap SEO packages.

Even a commercial business can receive an incredible amount of leads. Commercial real estate agents and commercial lawyers have benefited greatly from our cheap SEO packages.

Do you have any cheap SEO packages ready to go?

If you would like to go ahead and order an SEO package so you can get a headstart. You are free to order any one of our plans and packages. However, if you would like to obtain more information regarding exactly what you will get, please contact one of our representatives to go over all your possible options.

Here are some of our cheap SEO packages


This plan is best for companies that want to keep all spending at an absolute minimal while increasing traffic to their google business. This package will slowly increase in google business rankings until you obtain the #1 spot. Starting at around $50 per month.


This plan is great for companies that want to increase their position for their google business and website. This will help you website’s homepage increase in position as well as your google business listing. At around $100 per month.

All Out 

This plan employs a double shot of SEO so your google business and website can achieve higher rankings as soon as possible. 

This plan starts at $200 per month and is sure to make some impressive quick gains!

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