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What are the best SEO Services?

There are a ton of SEO Services out on the market, but how do you know you are picking the best one? Is there anything to look out for when you are choosing an SEO for your company?

SEO comes in many different shapes and sizes, not all SEO services are for all websites or every business.

The Best SEO services for your company may depend on which type of business you own.

Also the people you are trying to market to will also make a difference in what kind of SEO service that works best for your company.

What is the best result of SEO Services?

A great result from SEO Services would be a high position on the search results for buyer-friendly related key words.

In other words, your business’s website or google business appearing for services or product key phrases related to your business, and relates to a sale.

An example of this is if you owned a Woodshop in Beverly Hills, which also has a handyman ready to service customers, at their location. A buy-friendly related keyword would be something that makes a sale.

So if someone in Beverly hills types in, “broken door repair”, it would be a good idea for your business’s website or google business to appear in the search results.

Well because this person is actively looking for your service.

It will result in a sale in most of the cases, if you are #1 on the results, you are the most likely to receive the revenue.

Another example of a buyer-friendly related keyword would be a product that you have for sale.

When a contractor in the hills searchers for, “buy bulk wood in Beverly hills” this is another example of when you would want your shop to appear.

When people ask what are the best SEO services, I conclude with the following information.

An SEO service that makes your business page and website appear for dozens or even hundreds of different keywords at the top of the results are the best SEO services.

When your business is ranking for various keywords that have buyer-intention behind them.

Your business will drive incredible revenue. 

What are bad SEO services?

Poor SEO services would include not ranking at all.

Another example of a bad SEO service would be ranking for non-buyer-friendly keywords.

Let’s say you were a pool contractor in Beverly Hills, and your service is building luxury pools.

You only build pools and don’t service them. If your business is appearing for “clean my pool Beverly hills” it’s probably not a good thing. Your phone will be called all day for servicing pools in Beverly Hills, and you’re not getting any contracting jobs.

This happens sometimes when an SEO company doesn’t know how to build relevant links and citations, your business could appear for keywords that are not buyer-friendly.

This will result in a ton of wasted time and decreased revenue.

What are AK’s Best Local SEO Services?

Best SEO services for brick and mortar businesses

This is a plan for brick and mortar businesses, this package will result in a high position for your locations on the search results.

Best SEO Services for Service-Based Businesses

Service-based businesses like real estate agents, plumbers, builders, and more will enjoy high positioning on google with this plan. Best for lower competition cities.

Best SEO Services for competitive cities

This plan is best for locksmiths, contractors, and other service-based businesses that are in very competitive large cities. For example a locksmith in NYC, a realtor in LA, etc.

Best SEO Services for Elite Businesses

This is a great SEO service for a business that wants to get to the top of the results as fast as possible and get a ton of extra service for their business. They will also rank for a high number of key words.

Best SEO Services for high revenue local Businesses

This plan is best for high revenue local businesses that need to appear for a maximum amount of keywords. This business will also get to #1 on the results within a short amount of time.

What are AK’s Best Online SEO Services?

Best SEO services for niche websites

This is a great plan for a small website that is selling brand name products or super niche products with less competition.

Best SEO services for english speaking countries 

These SEO services are best for English speaking foreign countries with less competition that the United States. Our plans are known to excel quickly in any foreign country.

Best SEO services for medium competition businesses

This is the best option for medium competition in online businesses. The medium competition includes online casinos + more.

Best SEO Services for state-wide high competition business

This is the best plan for state-wide high competition businesses. For example, a state-wide insurance company that would like to rank for a ton of keywords.

Best SEO Services for national high revenue businesses

This is an all-out marketing strategy for huge national companies that would like to rank for various keywords all around the USA.

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