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Our top rated hemp buds from LTD’s CBD Collection.

#1 Bruce Banner

In botanical terms, this train is classified as a hybrid strain, with the sativa component slightly dominating 60% of its ratio and the indica accounting for the remaining 40%. This strain is a weed that’s mentally stimulating, leading you through a stepwise journey from quick and strong rush of adrenaline to slowly becoming physically relaxing. This I must say is a wonderful combination for users seeking to stay sharp, mindful, mentally alert and focused, all while every any physical body pains and stresses dissipates gradually. It is reported that the strain’s effect is mostly evident in the head and it lingers for quite some time, make it so appropriate for daytime users.

The strain was created from the cross breeding of its famous parent generation who are all rock stars in the cannabis community. The OG Kush hybrid and Strawberry Diesel hybrid, two famous strains blended together in perfect harmony to create a love-child. For the cannabis initiated, you will agree that this combo is rather tasty one and its resulting child will be equally enjoyable for the body. Reports have indicated that the strain in focus has been studied to have three prominent phenotypes, with strong levels of different active ingredients such as CBD and THC.

#2 Cannatonic

This strain is a desire bale and delectable one which hold the fancy of all its beholders. In itself, it can be regarded as a super high in CBD crop which has In most ways proven its potency through both the CBD levels and THC levels. By virtue of its genetic makeup and composition of its active ingredients, it has made it to the top as one of the best medical strains ever to grace the face of the earth. As reported by some information sources, it efficacy to get its users sky-high is no news but the excitement it brings to its users speaks volumes as it helps them in relaxing and unminding in a super cool experience. One can only but emphasize the increased levels of CBD compared to other strains.. It is according to many resources a famous strain/ marijuana in the family of cannabis strains. Will it be fair criticism to say owing to the low levels of THC, it will be less potent on the body and mental state of users, well if you your school of thought in terms of potency is determined by the different levels of its composition, then you must be mistaken in your judgment as the strain hold true in its ability to improve mental and physical state.

Among the family of marijuana, this strain is very well known and will be the envy of some. It has been observed that most cuts of Cannatonic will have a higher level of CBD compared to the THC. This review is not a resource to talk about a CBD versus and THC composition, but this information will assist users consider their choices when they are armed with such information.  In as much as the THC levels works on the mental state more, it is expected that users should not expect a mind blowing high, and this is owing to the balance in the sativa and indica levels which is reported to be 50% to 50%. Sure, readers will be confused now as to what they will be getting when it comes to the experiences this great crop can evoke or provide, do leave that to us as we take you on this journey. We must spell it out in clear terms now though that what you will be getting from the use of this cannabis train is a mild experience which helps you relax and provides a feeling of happiness. This we can say will be a great day time use.

In recent research, the high CBD strains are becoming more popular among the community of practice or users as there are massive benefits associated with this active force called Cannabinoid (CBD).  In as much as we are working with secondary data gathered from many user reviews, we can’t categorically state the effectiveness of CBD but when tens of thousands of reviewers have affirmed of its benefits and potency, we can’t help but say have a little faith in the lady called Cannatonic.

#3 Tangie

This is a strain like no other but truth be told, if you are a lover of citrusy goodness of strains with such flavors, our bet is that you will love this strain. Similar to Tangerine Dream and Cinderella 99 in its phenotypic properties, it is majorly sativa-based with that attribute making up for 70% of it and the remaining 30%, indica. This strain with its citrusy nature happens to also be a product of cross breeding practices, emanating from the cross between Skunk strain and California Orange. Like phoenix, this strain rises above its contemporaries with it finding its key notes and attributes similar to that of Tangerine Dream owing to the citrusy presence and flavor that is a strong property of the parent strain “California Orange”. They both have citrus, orange and sweet flavors and further probing into effects, economic benefits have also shown strong similarities between them. In essence we can refer to them as offspring of a parent that left strong dominant traces of its genetic make in them. Further down the line, more in-depth information on this will be addressed but for now, the spotlight is on Tangie, which happens to sound like a stripper name pulled from a novel.

The strain happens to be one of those that is absolutely delicious with its flavors stimulating your every neuron and making your senses wistful for more. Like some other strains, it is also known for its abilities to uplift and increase energy levels. Having a significant level of CBD, it is a strain ideal for improving moods and appetite and it holds loads of health and medicinal benefits when used in the right doses.

According to some sources, Tangie is an outstanding multiple award-winning hybrid strain that did extremely well at the Cannabis Cups, winning ten (10) different awards altogether. It is and probably will always be one of the most craved and sought-after cannabis strains amongst the user community. Amsterdam’s DNA Genetic in its endeavors for a superior quality of this strain raised the bar to a level worthy of noting, which has distinguished the crop in all ramifications.

Tangie like most cannabis strain has a dominant side to its phenotype, with the sativa making up 70% of the genetic makeup and indica accounting for the remaining 30%. In this wise, it can be regarded as a sativa dominant hybrid strain, a phrase which is reflect of its genetic constituents, phenotype and attributes of the parent generation. Tangie’s popularity emanates from the Tangerine Strain which according to reports and history was popular in the 1990s. Some say it is the tribute to Tangerine Dream while some refer to it as a remake of the well-known Tangerine Dream.

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