Internet Marketing Services

What are Internet Marketing Services?

Internet marketing services or digital marketing services are services that utilize online platforms in order to grow business exposure.

These services are focused on marketing via online technologies such as computers, cell phones, and other devices that are connected to the internet.

These marketing services gained major popularity in the early 1990s. Every year, more and more companies are seeking internet marketing services in order to grow their business. 

Internet marketing services have also adapted in the change of demand over the years.

Here are a few forms of internet marketing services that are widely available today that companies are using to scale their businesses. 

The 5 largest internet marketing services commonly available 

Search engine marketing services

These SEO services increase a website visibility on the organic search engine web results.

SEO can also increase a business’s visibility on local results.

An SEO company is hired in order to drive a large number of website visitors to their company’s page. Common results from hiring an SEO marketing service is a great position on the search results.

A large percentage of the most successful businesses in the world have a strong presence and visibility on the organic web results.

Search engine marketing services are one of the most common internet marketing services available on the market.

The reason it is such a popular channel is the return on investment.

A company that invests in search engine marketing gains returns on its investment for many years to come.

Once a company’s online presence is optimized, its website’s position in the search results tends to stay for an extended period of time.

This high level of exposure in the search results brings in large numbers of website visitors over the years.

This increase in traffic correlates to large incomes for the business.

A company seeking to grow their revenue or increase brand exposure should keep search engine marketing services at the top of their list.

Social media marketing services

Social media marketing services are highly praised in the internet marketing services community.

A social media marketing company interacts with customers of the business in order to grow its brand loyalty.

These services usually do this from publishing amazing content that customers love.

Companies with a strong social media following tend to drive revenue in even the most competitive business types. A common result of social media marketing services is increased brand loyalty to the company.

There are even some businesses that have reached a high level of success from strictly using social media marketing services.

These marketing tactics have been proving more and more useful over the years.

Most of the planet spends a few hours or more on their social media platforms daily.

A strong presence on this part of the web has become a strong necessity for growing businesses.

This marketing channel is great when combined with pay per click marketing services.

Paid search marketing services

Paid advertisement internet marketing services are highly effective in a large number of business types.

Google, Bing, and most search engines offer marketers the chance to advertise their products and services on their web results, for a fee.

This is not the same as organic results.

A paid advertisement can instantly rank your business at the top of the results for certain keywords for a fee.

The search engine charges the marketer a fee for each person that clicks on their advertisement.

Average costs per click range from $1 all the way to $500 per click. Another way the search engine or platform charges the marketer is per thousand impressions. Common advertisement fees per thousand impressions start at around $20.

The prices for these advertisements tend to be quite expensive, so hiring a marketing service company is imperative to your success using these marketing channels.

A company without the knowledge of how to convert website visitors into sales or leads can easily blow through there marketing budget using this channel. 

A large number of companies hire a pay per click marketing expert in order to get a high return on investment from their paid advertising expenditures.

A company that is knowledgeable in pay per click advertisement can turn your marketing campaign into a revenue-driving gold mine.

They can turn a low performing marketing campaign into a good one using various tactics including using high converting landing pages, promotional offers and even increasing the friendliness of the website.

Paid search marketing is very effective if used the right way. 

Email marketing services

Internet marketing services that specialize in email marketing, enjoy the #1 return on investment from any other online marketing channel.

The average return on investment for these internet marketing services is up to 4000% on average.

That means for every $1 you spend on your email marketing campaign, you drive an average of $40 in revenue to your business.

With these huge returns in mind, it’s a good idea that your company is using some sort of email marketing service in order to drive revenue.

These email marketing services tend to be super affordable for any company type.

Email marketing is usually divided into 2 huge categories that markets separate their campaigns.

Normal email marketing is the process of sending promotional emails and newsletters to normal customers.

Another form of email marketing is cold emails.

Cold emails are when a company emails a company or person that they have don’t have a relationship with.

A cold email is a great strategy for business to business marketing services.

Many of the largest companies have turned successful using a large percentage of their efforts on cold email marketing.

Blogging Services

Blogging is one of the most effective internet marketing services available.

However, this service does require a lot of time and patience. The returns can be amazing.

Companies that are gaining leads from their blogging services tend to offer the public their expertise knowledge for free.

This act of giving away information to people increases a brand’s exposure and also builds a ton of trust for the company.

There are a few internet marketing services offering blogging as a service to their clients.

This is a great online marketing platform to invest in for a company that wants to signal strong brand trust.

Great internet blogging services combine a strong SEO strategy in order to get your blog in front of millions.

The compounding effect of many blogs supplementing each other creates a steady stream of traffic to your business’s web pages for years to come.

How much do Internet marketing services cost?

Internet marketing services range greatly in value.

Some marketing services can start at just around $50 per month.

These low-cost marketing services involve a less comprehensive marketing strategy for your website or google business page.

Some marketing services start at around $10,000 to market your website on a large number of channels in order to increase the number of leads your business is currently receiving.

When to use internet marketing services?

If you currently own or operate a business, and would like to increase the amount of exposure your business receives, internet marketing services may be for you.

Internet marketing can reach a new pool of customers that your business has not yet tapped into.

Getting a consultation from an internet marketing company could be in the best interests of your company. 

Are all internet marketing services the same?

The success that your company receives is strictly dependant on the marketing company that you hire.

A good marketing company can increase your business’s success over many years.

They can even save certain businesses from failing. It’s imperative that you do a large amount of research on the internet marketing company that you are hiring.

A bad internet marketing company can completely destroy a companies online reputation.

An example of this would be an internet marketing company that uses black-hat strategies or other strategies that are frowned upon on various marketing channels.

A company using strategies that are against the guidelines of certain websites can get your webpage or social media account blocked or hard to find.

Which internet marketing service is the best for my business?

There’s no quite solid answer on to which service you should use the most for your business.

A growing company should always harness all marketing services in order to grow their business.

Once your business has used all marketing strategies, you will know where to adjust your marketing budget.

For example, social media is a great marketing strategy for clothing companies.

Some clothing companies spend more on pay per click advertising because they have noticed higher returns on investment.

While another clothing company spends more on social media. Marketing is not a one size fits all type of service.

However, most companies enjoy incredible returns on search engine optimization.

It’s always a safe decision to invest in SEO.

Things to look for in Internet marketing services

When growing your business’s online presence, here are a few things to look out for when shopping for internet marketing services.

All internet marketing companies are not made equally and the return that your company receives from your marketing budget is solely dependant on the strengths of the internet marketing company.

SEO Marketing Services

When searching for a good SEO marketing service, it’s best to find a company that can guarantee results in the search engine.

A great company is knowledgeable about what they can offer your business.

A good place to find an SEO marketing company is at the top of the organic search results. Beware of services that are provided from companies in less than desirable locations of the search results.

Social Media Marketing Services

When looking at possible social media marketing services, it’s best to look for a reputable company.

SMM internet marketing services can range from fake followers and services to good companies than can truly promote a real following for your company.

Good social media marketing services get your business traffic by creating great content.

Another aspect of a great SMM service is one that also combines a pay per click marketing strategy along with it.

Pay Per Click Marketing Services

PPC marketing services can come in all shapes and sizes.

The best kind of PPC internet marketing service is one that charges a percentage on monthly expenditures and can guarantee increases in your conversions.

Some PPC companies lack the knowledge to create a high converting campaign.

This sort of company will simply drain your marketing budget quickly with pay per click advertisements and low converting landing pages.

Blogging Services

When searching for a blogging service, it’s always best to combine these with your SEO service provider.

Blogging without including any SEO content can make or break a blogging strategy.

A poor blogger without any expertise in search optimization will simply have their web pages lost in the back pages of the search engine results.

A good blogging service has to drive traffic to your website.

Always use SEO optimized blogging services in order to benefit your business.

Email marketing services

When searching for email marketing services, it’s best to find a company that has a long record of email sending.

A ton of email marketing services on the market promise high numbers of email sends per month without actually telling you how many reach your customer’s inbox.

10/10 email service providers fail to mention that your domain is not ready for a promotional email campaign.

Many just get you on a subscription without properly showing how to achieve a good return from your efforts.

When choosing an email marketing company, it’s best to have a full-service company do your marketing campaigns for you, this way, your emails actually get to where they need to be.

If you have been let down by email marketing campaigns in the past, its almost always because of a deliver-ability issue.

What to expect after hiring an internet marketing service?

Internet Marketing Services

Search engine marketing services

These internet marketing services usually take a good amount of time to start generating traffic.

The average wait time is about 2 months before your web pages or local business pages start to jump significantly in rankings.

The more comprehensive of an SEO service, the faster your results should happen.

If your rankings haven’t changed after 2 months with a search engine optimization company, it’s best to switch providers.

The best SEO internet marketing services will rank you on the first page of results in 99% of the cases.

If a company cannot get these sort of results, you should expect more from your SEO company.

Social Media Marketing Services

Internet markets are quick to create a large following on social media.

Your internet marketing services should provide steady growth of followers throughout your entire service period.

A good rate of growth for your social media accounts should be around 500 real followers per month for the average social media marketing company, and up to 5,000 real followers per month from a top social media marketing company.

If your internet marketing services are not providing these types of results, you should find a more reputable service provider.

Pay Per Click Marketing Services

Pay per click marketers should increase ROI on advertisement campaigns by a minimum of 50% from normal in-house operated campaigns.

Most states of the art management services are able to increase ROI for average companies 200%.

If your pay per click marketing services is giving you the same results of your in-house team, it’s best to find a more knowledgeable company. 

Blogging Services

Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing services that are offering companies weekly or monthly blogs should start to gain traction within 2 months.

If you are paying for regular blogging services and these blogs are failing to deliver the traffic within a few months, it’s best to switch. Blogging services with proper SEO should be able to drive a large number of visitors within 2 months.

Email marketing services

A good email marketing company will be able to provide instant results for their campaigns.

Depending on your amount of subscribers, your email campaigns should have a higher click-through rate than you were able to obtain.

Internet marketing services using email should be able to generate instant revenue for your company. Services that are not delivering revenue within a month should be swapped out for a more reputable email marketer.

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