SEO Services

What are SEO Services?

SEO Services

SEO Services are services that are provided to an online entity in efforts to bring in more visitors and traffic.

The service is performed so that the website or business page can obtain a higher-ranking in a search engine.

Website owners and businesses typically purchase these services to gain exposure in the search results so they can increase sales or build a strong brand reputation for their company.

Over 54% of small to large companies have an SEO service budget, as most businesses depend on higher rankings in order to stay in business.

SEO Services
Seo Services

The current industry search engine optimization (SEO) services spend per year in the United States alone is over $75B per year.

SEO Services
Seo services

They also have one of the highest average return on investment (ROI), with an average of over 2200%, yes, you heard that correctly.

If you don’t have an SEO service budget by now for your small to large business, you are truly missing out.

What Types Of SEO Services are There?

SEO Services
Seo services

There are various types of SEO Services available on the market today, but I will go over the 2 most sought after, as google leads all online searchers with a 91% market share, most businesses are focused on SEO services for their google products.

The main 2 products are of course (organic) google search web page results and google my business page.

What are Google My Business SEO Services?

Most small businesses are heavily focused on their google my business rankings, in order to drive sales.

The reason behind that is simply because now, over 93% of google searches show the top google business pages first, above the web page results.

68% of consumers prefer to shop at businesses located on google my business, as they benefit from reading reviews and gathering information quickly about the company, and if that company is suitable for their needs

These SEO Services will increase the visibility of your google business.

When a person looks for a “realtor in Delaware”, hiring a company to do your SEO services will push your business up above the other realtor’s google my business in Delaware, and place you towards the top of the search results.

What are Organic web page SEO services?

These SEO services increase the visibility of your website or web page.

For example, if you have a web site on the internet that is all about helping people ride bicycles and you also sell protective equipment for bicycle riders.

It would be a good idea to be the first result on Google when someone types in, how to be safe on a bicycle.

An expert that regularly does SEO services will know exactly what to do to make your website fly up the ranks and make it easier for your business to be found for various words that a person types into their search bar.

Are SEO services right for me?

So now that you’ve learned about what SEO services are, and the different types of services that are most sought after. How do you know if they’re right for you? Well, the only way to surely know if they are right for you, you would have to first ask yourself these few questions.

Will I continue this business for the next 6 months or more? Yes or No?

Can I wait 1 month or longer to see results? Yes or No?

Does my company have a small to large size budget for marketing reasons? Yes or No?

If you said yes to all of these questions, SEO services are probably a good fit for your company, that last thing you would have to do is ask your SEO service provider if you’re missing something.

A good SEO services expert won’t let you spend money on a service that isn’t helping you. Some good things to ask your provider is, how many total clicks to my website is possible for my company?

Are a lot of people searching for my service or website type? The company you hired should give you analytics to see exactly what is possible for your business and if these services will actually be worthwhile for your business. In 99% of our cases, SEO services are highly effective.

Which SEO services company should I use?

SEO Services
Seo services

When shopping for SEO services, the best things to look for in a company is.

Does this company make any guarantees?

Does this company have results or proof of their work that they can show to you?

Over 99.9% of SEO services do not have any type of guarantee policy or proof, as most SEO experts are not really experts.

If the Seo company truly knows what they are doing, they will offer a money-back policy.

Also, when shopping for SEO services, you want results so you can grow your company.

One way to see if a company is capable of providing the results you are looking for is by asking the company for some of their client’s business names, then you can check out and see if their SEO service is paying off.

If the company tells you that their client is “Garret and Sons” a plumber in Miami, that is ranking on the 5th page of the results. It’s probably best to shop somewhere else for SEO services.

A reputable team will provide you with a stack of results that they have provided for other companies. Keep all of this in mind when you are searching, as your business’s appearance depends on it.

How much do they cost? How much should I be spending on my SEO Services?

SEO Services

This is a hard question to ask, it would have to be determined case by case, by the provider. The prices can range from as low as $100 per month to over $100,000 per month.

It really varies on how much it will cost your business, the cost for SEO services will range greatly depending on your current business type and competition.

For an example, if you are a lawyer and want to appear for various keywords on the first page of Google, throughout the entire United States, it is going to cost a lot of money, as this is a highly competitive field, being on the first page of google for lawyer terms all over the country will generate millions of dollar per year for your company.

Many people are spending a ton of money and countless hours trying to get their business there as well, so this will end up costing the SEO company a lot more money.

The expenses are passed on to the customer. So spending $100,000 per month on these types of SEO services that are going to make your business a few million every year is going to sound reasonable!

While on the other hand, a law office that would only want to rank high for their google business only, would be a lot less, of course.

These types of SEO services would start at around $100 a month depending on the types of results that they would want to obtain.

Are SEO Services even worth the money? 

As I mentioned before, the return from SEO Services are an average of 2200%, meaning, every $1 Dollar that a business spends, generates $22 dollars of revenue.

This is an incredible amount! If you would like to compare that to any other form of advertising, it absolutely dominates.

SEO Services

What Can I Expect from SEO Services?

The 2 biggest questions about SEO services we get here are, can you get me to the first position of google?

How long will it take to get me to the first position of google?

That’s exactly what I would like to know as well before I spend money on something. What will I actually get in return and when?

The answer is yes, of course, a genuinely complete SEO service company should be able to get your to the first position, but it will take time.

The biggest factor is the current competition, if you are a Realtor in Pennsylvania, it’s going to be relatively quick.

But if you are a locksmith in NYC, the results are going to take a little bit longer to obtain your prime real estate as being #1 on google.

The best thing to do if you are looking for a more accurate timeline on when you will be able to rank higher on the web results is to get a complete analysis by your SEO services provider.

What do the usual SEO services consist of?

Well, Google uses over 200 factors in determining the ranking position of an online web-page or google my business page.

These factors are not publicly available nor does anyone have a list of them floating around somewhere. However, many large SEO service companies have been able to pinpoint around 200 of them through testing of the algorithms.

Most SEO services consist of the following tried and true SEO tactics to help increase your online presence. I’m going to break it down into 2 different parts again depending on which SEO Services you would like to learn about.

What do SEO Services for my Website Usually Consist of?

To keep this discussion shorter, we will refrain from going over the 200 possible factors that are currently employed by Google to determine a page’s rank in the search results.

I will go over the main targets that SEO service companies use in order to help it get to the top of web results. 

Website Analysis

SEO Services

Good SEO Services usually starts with a complete analysis of your business and also your competition. They will look at exactly what is currently going on with your website.

What is keeping it at the position it is at, and what can be done to increase its position in the web results.

They will then make a complete outline of exactly what needs to be done for your webpage, this analysis must constantly be redone every month.

As the SEO services world change. Your competitor might employ a different approach to their SEO tactics and your company will need to make sure they are on top of it. Also, there are other reasons why a regular website analysis must be completed.

A huge one is updated to the Google search algorithm. On any given day, Google could decide to add or change 15 factors of its ranking algorithm, and your SEO services must be on top of it. While constantly testing and employing new strategies for your only presence.

Content Creation

This is a major must-have from SEO services. About a decade ago, it was simple to rank a page number one on Google, you would just have to stuff it full of your targeted words and boom, bang, it was at the top of web results!

There were only a few factors determining the rank of your web page given the content of your page.

Now there are over 50 factors alone for just the content part of your website.

All reputable SEO services will include a comprehensive content creation strategy. They must create unique appealing information.

When a person types in, how to do a backflip. Google looks at all of your content on your page to determine if your web page is a solution to the searcher’s question.

Quality content is a must-have, it also must be consistently updated throughout time. Google loves giving their users fresh content.

SEO services must also include updates to their content creation regularly. Something that was cool or amazing 8 months ago, could be on the second page of google today, where it’s not likely to be discovered.

On-Page Factor Optimization

SEO Services
Seo services

On-Page Optimization is anything done to your actual webpage, this does not include anything from outside the webpage.

On-Page optimization will include factors that tell Google, “hey, this web page is really user friendly.”

Some of these optimization factors consist of things like page speed, is the page speed fast? SEO services must provide on page SEO, to really get the most out of your SEO plan.

Most people don’t like slow websites, actually, most people click back if the web page is loading slowly, or if you went to a web page on your phone, and you can’t really read or browse the website very well because it’s not optimized.

Those are some of the non-user-friendly aspects of it.

There are also technical specifications that the SEO service must include on your website, including URL structure, structured data, metadata, and so much more.

OFF Page Factor Optimization

SEO Services
Seo services

One of the most critical, time-consuming, and extensive part of SEO services must contain an optimal OFF-Page Strategy.

Off-Page means anything that is done outside of your webpage to help it increase the web position.

Links are a huge piece of the factor pie in building your website’s trust.

Links from many different well-known websites to your website build a reputation for your website in Google’s eyes.

The more webpages that link to your website is a sign that your page has some pretty interesting information.

A solid Off-Page plan will consist of relentlessly reaching out to other websites and asking them from a link.

Not only do your SEO services have to get links to your websites, but they also have to analyze the links that you have and also the links that they obtain and make sure there aren’t any bad links.

Bad links coming from spammy or untrusted sources must be found and disavowed from your website in order to help increase your authority.

Wrapping up SEO services for web pages

Those are just 4 parts of the many services that a company must provide to your website in order for it to gain exposure in the search results.

The next part of this will go over SEO services that are specifically for your google my business page.

What do Seo Services for Google My Business (GMB) provide?

SEO Services

There are so many factors that increase your website’s position on the search results, your Google My Business page also has a ton more that are similar but not quite the same as the web page SEO services. I’ll go over these now.

GMB Optimization

Good SEO services provide your business with the most optimized Google My Business page, this is very closely related to On-Page Signals that we talked about before.

SEO services must optimize your GMB by personalizing your google business completely and accurately.

Some of it consists of optimal category assignment and high-quality completion of the google my business page with relevant information to show google that your GMB is exactly what the user is looking for.

Google My Business Off-Page Optimization

SEO Services

Off-Page Optimization consists mostly of brand mentions and also citations throughout the web about your company’s name, address, phone number (NAP).

The more brand mentions that are on high-quality domains about your business helps increase the position of your business above the others on the google business results.

It doesn’t stop there, google also likes to see relevant websites and geographically related websites that are mentioning your brand, for example, a hot dog cook-off company in NYC says your hot dog company in NYC is the best.

Complete SEO services will also get your business’s name on many news sites and more, to increase its prominence on the web.

Review Management

Review management is used by a few do-all SEO services.

These companies re-post reviews from your Facebook page and other websites and add them to your google business.

Some companies help your business deploy strategies to get almost all of your customers to leave reviews about your business on google.

Reviews are the third most powerful ranking factor for your google my business.

If you are in a competitive business category, it is imperative for you to get SEO services that include review management.

Landing Page

SEO Services

The SEO services that you employ for your Google My Business should always include landing page optimization.

One of the big ranking factors for your google my business page includes the website that is attached to the page.

If your SEO services get your website to the first position for a Tailor in Miami, this will also have a synergistic boost to your business’s rankings in the Google My Business search. 

Conclusion of SEO Services for your Google My Business And Website

As you can see, there are many things to look for when deciding on SEO services.

Picking the right company will secure the future of your business or just plain out waste your money.

While over 54% of businesses are already spending money on SEO services, the last time I checked, that same percentage are not in the first position of the google results.

Truly look into exactly what services are being provided by the company that you are going to hire.

Our Case Studies

SEO Services
Seo services

Do you want to see an in-depth case study for a business exactly like yours? When choosing an SEO service, the best provider is someone that has done it before.

As the saying goes, “if they can do it once, they can do it again.” Fill out the email bar below and let us know which business type you are operating so so we can show you some of the results that you could expect with our SEO services. Don’t worry we won’t send you a bunch of emails.

What is the refund policy?

We have a 30 day refund policy on all SEO Services, and also a performance return policy.

How soon can I get results?

Results can happen in as little as 30 days, with most users enjoying results after 2 months.

How much are your optimization Services?

The prices start at about $50 per month.

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